How #Zimbabwe President Mugabe used HIV positive patients to rape political opponents #twimbos #263chat

Strong corroborative evidence have confirmed recent reports that ZANU PF used HIV deadly virus to deliberately infect MDC supporters in a classic strategy of biological warfare as far back as 2008. It was systematic heinous crime, state sponsored and sanctioned at the highest level of government, I can reveal. President Robert Mugabe, his 2 vice presidents then VP Joseph Msika and VP Joyce Mujuru at the helm of the state had a distinctive role to play, and so was the Minister of Security, John Nkomo and Minister of Home Affairs Kombo Mohadi. The ZANU PF government including Augustine Chihuri as the law enforcement supremo are guilty of crime against humanity.

The recent confession by a retired senior prisoner officer in June 2015, who confirmed to the press that such a clandestine operation, indeed existed and was commandeered by police, army and state security, needs a thorough investigation and calls for blazing swords against the perpetrators; the officer confirmed,

“Prisoners were screened and if confirmed to be HIV-positive but relatively healthy, they were released from jail into the hands of a crack unit comprising the army, CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and the police,” said a retired senior prison officer.

“The prisoners then underwent some orientation and training and were informed that they were being recruited as officers in return for their freedom. Some of them were given police uniforms while others joined militias terrorizing the opposition.”

This information is corroborated by living victims,  3 of which happened to be my relatives, one of which has since died earlier this year. MDC supporters were abducted and taken to torture camps, where wives and husbands were separated and beaten, some murdered. The wives were then gang raped by infected gangsters recruited specifically to infect HIV virus, these would have been recruited based on their positive HIV status by ZANU PF regime. My relative who died earlier this year, a man of cloth had his wife infected, after the rape ordeal unkown to him and the wife confirmed this. Another corroborative evidence is by a lady who has since featured in a documentary “Mugabe what happened”, her story has been recorded by many media and NGOS. She confirmed that so many women were gang raped and deliberately infected as collateral punishment for voting or supporting MDC. While many reported these crimes the partisan police simply refused to press an charges on the basis that they were, “politically motivated rapes” The gangs were trafficked between camps in government vehicles and fed by the government, the same government cannot absolve itself from it.

While I have talked to many victims, all whom have corroborative stories from different parts of the country, I also can reveal that I have personally spoken to a perpetrator who confirmed that he did it under instruction. Pfudza who is now in jail for another unrelated rape committed during the GNU was never charged for the gang raping he did under security instructions, I can reveal.

Mugabe joined notorious dictators who have used chemical weapons against its own people such as;   at  Halabja Massacre, of  March 16, 1988 of Kurdish people by Sadam, Augusto Pinochet of Chile, September 11 1973 and Bashar of Syria.

Zimbabweans we must unite and demand full investigation by independent institutions, particularly WHO. A thorough empirical study needs to be carried out if closure is to be drawn from the thuggish ZANU PF government. How on earth do we accept mediocre by assuming business as usual ruled by the same rapists, murders and thugs in the name of power retention?   I am a very bitter citizen, nothing short of removing this government in whatever form or shape, can deliver justice!

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