Humanity captured by technology?

One of the greatest voices in his generation, Albert Einstein, once said: “I fear the day that technology will take on our humanity . . . The world will be populated by a generation of idiots.”

By Kilton Moyo

This was said many years ago and yet it is coming to pass now in our own generation. It is a sad day when human fellowship and intimacy is substituted by technology.
You can now see the idiocy that Albert foresaw years back. Do not tell me you do not see this happening. I can assure you that the generations coming after us will be “humanless”.

Technology will capture them and turn them into human zombies, unless something drastically happens. We have all the signs of human capture by technology.

Do not misunderstand me. I did not say technology is bad or evil but I am saying if human beings do not remain human, they are bound to lose themselves to technology.

If there is anything this generation must be taught, trained and coached in, is self-control and self-leadership.

Otherwise the future of our nations lies in the hands of idiots who are too full of themselves and bound to destruction in the name of self-rights and advancement.

I am always on the bus to Harare or to Bulawayo and my observation is that most of the journey people are silently glued to their gadgets and seldom talking to each other.

It’s always silent and not because people are tired or what, but because they are lost in a selfish world of technology.

Some do not even greet each other despite the fact they are seating on the same row. I ask myself: How on earth does a young man sit next to a young lady and they are silent on each other for 400km wasting themselves on the internet?

When shall they relate? Where has the excitement of sharing a seat with such gone too? When do we discuss business or life in general? When do we learn from each other when we cannot talk? I am not sure, but I think we are being captured?

Humanity is beautiful when humans relate one to another face-to-face and talk all they can making good use of the time.

Humanity is about human-to-human relationships. If you take away this you are destroying human life. It is deception to want to be always alone as a human being.

It is deception to always want to keep to yourself and not talk to people around you and spend time chatting with strangers you have never seen on your gadget. I think normalcy detects that humans enjoy talking and not chatting.

The other day, I got into a kombi from the city to Mount Pleasant Heights and at some point, I thought I was the sick one.

Everyone was on their gadgets and no one was talking. It was only me and the driver who were not chatting.

I longed for a human conversation, but I could not get it.

I was in Mutare the other day and got into this pirate taxi to where I was staying and guess what, crowded as we were, everyone was on their gadgets.

Again, it’s me and the driver who are uncivilised. Not because I do not have a smart phone. I always try to be smarter than the phone so I can engage people. This is how I learn many things, including languages, engaging and talking with people.

We were talking with someone in Mutare the other day and they were asking me if it is right for them not to go to a church service and stay home and attend a service on TV.

They really think it makes no difference, but I do not think so myself. We do not go to a church service because we cannot pray by ourselves and all that.

We go there above all things that we may fellowship with other believers physically and encourage each other and share love.

I am not sure if you can say you were at church by watching people on TV, who don’t even see you or hear you. The human touch is critical in our lives.

We need each other more than the gadgets. Our technology must be a tool of making our work simpler and not to complicate our lives. Technology is not there to capture us and to destroy us.

Maybe, what we need as people is wisdom and an understanding that human life and human relationships are the best relationships the world can ever offer.

There is no substitute for human relationships and human presence. We need each other as people more than we think.

Maybe we need to correct our thinking that humans are boring. That is a lie from the pit of hell. Humans are interesting. All we need is to work on our attitudes and reconnect.

This generation has to reconnect with each other, otherwise idiocy and lunacy will rule over us.


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