I Am Here to Stay – Pambuka

Former newscaster Oscar Pambuka is a persistent man and the release of his second eight-track album titled Moto Wega Wega on Friday bears witness to this spirit.

Pambuka, who, last year, hosted Zimdancehall Awards despite lack of support from the movement’s big guns, is at pains to prove that he is not a chancer, but is actually aiming for the throne albeit numerous challsnges.

In an interview with The Standard Style, the Shamhu singer spoke glowingly about his work claiming he had surpassed the newbie tag that hovers over his not-so-popular music.

“In the country’s 10 provinces my music is all over and a braai or social gathering will never make sense without my music. I am greeted by my lyrics at the airports when I travel abroad,” he said.

“That alone answers the question as to whether I have shaken the industry or not because three out of five cars you see on the roads listen to my tunes.”

The sophomore project, which consists of songs like Jehovah Mukuru, Zvichanaka, Ngatifare and the title track, is a follow-up to Hukama, which is still to make an impact, but Pambuka is very optimistic.

Although he made his entry into mainstream music four year ago, his passion for the microphone stretches as far back as his high school days at All Souls Mission School.

According to Pambuka, music beyond the news desk and current affairs programmes, lyrics are an effective communication tool.

“I use music as a medium of communication and this has been very useful and will never stop my God-given artistic nature,” he said, pledging never to quit.

“I will never abandon ship till Zimdancehall is professionally run and also until the government begins to invest and nurture the diverse artistic creativity in the genre.”

Meanwhile, Pambuka has collaborated with Kinnah, Queen Kadja and Empress Massina, among others, with some of the tracks earning fair traction on the country’s airwaves.

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