“I am sick and tired of Zimbabwe, and I am leaving this hell hole of a country”


By Jimmy

I am a Zimbabwean and I have decided to leave the country!!! Yes, you heard that right, I have decided to leave the country!!

But first things first.

My name is Jimmy, and I am an ICT Professional (… an Internationally Certified Computer Programmer may I add). I have had my fair share of good fortune in Zimbabwe. I have worked for the financial services industry, from the stock market, asset management, to the banking sector. I have even worked for software houses that are into fulltime software development. Yeah, yeah, one can say I have prospered in the republic.

But why leave the beloved Republic of Zimbabwe?

I can promise you it has nothing to do with my hatred for this country or because I have always wanted to leave, or because some friend or relative has decided to send me a ‘ticket’.


At this point I can only tell you of a few reasons why I decided to leave the beloved republic.

Trust me, I am patriotic to Zimbabwe. I love Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is in my heart.

After all, I have lived for over 30years in the beloved republic. I was born here. I was raised here. I was educated here. My entire life has been in the republic. In fact, when all my peers and former school mates left I stayed because I was patriotic to the land. I saw a future where others couldn’t see one. I told myself that whatever we were going through as a country would soon come to an end and that in no time things would be better.

For a long time I didn’t even wish to get a passport. I didn’t see the need for one. I wasn’t going anywhere, and no one could convince me to step outside the borders of the republic.

And then most of my cousins started leaving.

Some of my friends left too. Within about 2 years or so of their leaving they started sending us pictures of their nice cars, houses, the fancy restaurants, the food they ate…blah blah blah.

But that didn’t bother me. I wasn’t moved. I was a patriot. I loved my country. I was optimistic and very hopeful that in a few years things would change. I told myself that I too would one day, in the republic, drive a range rover.

But then things changed for me.

In short, allow me to say I married and along came 2 children. Life in Zimbabwe is something else once you start having kids and you need to feed them. Suddenly you need a 2 or more bedroomed house to rent. Of course in the republic we don’t buy houses, they are very expensive, and the banks are not giving mortgage loans.

Then came the 2012 elections. Then came the company closures. Then banks started closing.

Of course the factories have been closed for a while and I sort of winked at that because I worked for a bank. But when my bank started facing the liquidity crisis and closure I knew at once that no one was immune to the environment.

Then I started realizing something about the republic.

No one cares for the public. We have dirty water in the taps and no one cares. We have erratic supply of electricity and no one cares. The roads are in shambles and no one is doing anything about it. Fuel prices go up and we can’t do anything about it. New taxes are introduced and we can only comply. Internet is very expensive. The public hospitals, the ones which we can afford, provide crappy service and people are dying because the nurses don’t care. I know because I watched my mother in law die at the hands of poor service delivery. And no one cares. Not them, not you, not the minister of health. No one. The company CEOs get treated outside the country now. But what about me? What about my kids?

Become an entrepreneur, they keep telling us. Start your own business. Create your own job.

But not everybody has dreams of owning or running a business. Some of us are just content to be the spanner boys and the foot soldiers. Some of us are content just doing our jobs and getting paid for it.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of the dirty tap water. I am tired of seeing all those potholes in a road. I am tired of sometimes available power supply. I am tired of walking the streets of a capital city that are infested with ‘bhero-stalls’ and cheap, crappy, Chinese products. I am tired of calling the national electricity department for a fault and they come 10days later. I am tired of poor internet speeds. I am tired of expensive fuel. I am tired of working for ‘hand-to-mouth’ pay-outs. You can’t have savings accounts in the republic. Your bank could just close tomorrow. I am just tired of struggling for everything. Why does it cost me an arm and a leg to buy a flat screen TV?

And guess what, my children have to grow up in such an environment and go to schools whose teachers don’t even know why they are doing what they do.


I am sick and tired of it all.

Surely I wasn’t born to suffer. I just want a better life that’s all.

And where am I gonna go?

Anywhere outside Zimbabwe.

Perhaps Botswana? Perhaps South Africa? (Wait, those guys don’t want us anymore). Perhaps Zambia? Perhaps Kenya? Perhaps Namibia? Take me anywhere where the VISA application is not a hassle and I’ll gladly go.

Once again my name is Jimmy and I am a Zimbabwean. I am an ICT professional and I am leaving Zimbabwe!!!!!

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  1. It will never change in the Republic until ‘donkeys have grown horns’

  2. Marlene van der Poll

    Don’t go anywhere in Africa. SA is the same.. as I read this I realised that there is very little difference – maybe in degree, but it has all gone the same way. I too, was patriotic and determined to do my bit to make a difference. Despite my best efforts the outlook just gets bleaker and the politicians and upper echelon guys get more outrageous in their conspicuous consumption while millions are still jobless, homeless and hungry. I salute your decision.

    • you do not know zimabwe my lady .

      • Marlene van der Poll

        I know Zimbabweans. My family are Zimbabweans and so are many of my friends.

        • Knowing Zimbabweans and Zimbabwe are two very different things

          • Ziso the fact is that zanu is shit and they are destroying Zimbabwe with or without knowing zimbabweans

        • I know you have family there , but I suppose you havent visited zim for a while

          • Marlene van der Poll

            I cannot afford to no matter how much I would love to see for myself. I do believe though that people like yourself are ardently longing for a better life for all and where there is life there is hope. Tell me what it is you would want me to understand about Zim. I am listening.

          • At the moment life in Zim is very tough , the author did not do justice in describing how life is there , its tough . I also suppose you have family in the northern suburbs of Harare or Bulawayo ,and you probably do not have a better understanding of the greater populous. People with degrees are selling airtime on the roadside , Does that happen in SA ?

            I have friends who are chartered accountants , have masters and are failing to make ends meet . Jobs are rare to find, and if you find one you will probably not get paid for some reason ,my niece who just finished her degree in retail management is sitting at home , thank God she opened a spazza shop at home .My brother has not been paid for 10 Months , Yah 10 months . He wakes up everyday with the hope that he will get paid and if he doesnt go he is afraid he will loose both his Job and the 10 months salary . We have been turned into a retailers nation everyone is selling something and no one is producing .

            I know I have said lots of bad things , there are good things happening as well , but it is happening to the few elite . You should thank God that you are in SA , Many zimbos will die to just be in there .

          • Marlene van der Poll

            My heart goes out to you. Yes there are people here selling anything they can on the side of the road and children begging for a few cents from tourists and selling their bodies for some food. Yes the morale of the people here is down too and yet we are still glad to be here and ever hoping for better times no matter what race we come from, but Jimmy is obviously sick of that which is why I said he must not come to SA. 2 km from where I live there are thousands of Malawian, Sotho, Zimbabwean families living in mud shacks trying to make a living in SA. They are honest and hard working unlike many of the locals who drink out their childcare grants and live on student bursaries from the government. In a short time SA will also be poor because there are too many people just looking for handouts and not trying to build up the country. It is going to take a lot of guts and honest leadership before Africa and her people stop suffering and allowing other nationalities to reap all the benefits. It does not start with chasing the foreigners out. Education first, then organisation, teamwork and persistence. I wish you all the best in your efforts.

          • zim is a sad story it makes one weep. like wtf really happened. I tried to open a company 9 months went by being told tie the MOA n AOA separate from CR14. Tie the CR6 separate from CR14. Insert a blank space on the front pages. Write the shares to be taken up in pen. The queries were so useless I ended up saying fuck it & settled for SA. All wat people needed was bribe. Like who the fuck want bribe to open a company thats going to create jobs, generate revenue, provide learning opportunities. I hate how shit is being run in Zim everyone is a greed thief.

      • I take it you know thel lady Ndere? If not, what qualifies you to make such a claim? Her race? The urtains in the backdrop? Your ancestral spirits upon you? A hunch? Or is it….your foolishness?

  3. Tough decision to make, but good luck!! I left Zim many many years ago for similar reasons – when you have kids your view changes.. I went to SA and it’s unfortunately headed the same way – never been there myself but maybe consider Oz if you’re young enough to get in..

    • Mr Burgess, where abouts are you from in Zim?

      • Stephen I was born in Harare, went to school there and worked for my first working years for ICL, Nedbank (Rhobank) and Standard Bank before heading to SA..

  4. Unity, Freedom and Work….it says it on the front of the Zimbabwean passport. So why do people have to leave Zimbabwe to find those things?

    • My prayer from the moment I got my passport was: I can’t wait to get rid of this thing! (ie. marry a non-Zimbabwean. It feels like a bit of a curse sometimes to have been born in Zimbabwe. I love my country but the GOVERNMENT made me hate it. The Liberators fought to give us out freedom. Now we need to fight to get our freedom from these very “liberators” who have literally and continue to suck the lifeblood out of the land.
      I wonder if our beloved President (or his cronies) still have a conscience…knowing they are using the resources of a land to make their pockets deeper. SHAMEFUL!!!

  5. Very sad to hear that. Mugabe and his cronies can consider themselves FAILURES to Zimbabawe and a laughing stock to the civilised world.

    • I have often wondered if when they look themselves in the mirror everyday or drive around looking at the squalor the ordinary citizen resides in they feel proud or at the very least feel any remorse at how dire the situation has been for so many years BECAUSE OF THEM.. I cannot for the life of me say l am proudly Zimbabwean because l am not.. Heck l would gladly work my ass off for Australian Citizenship..

      • My prayer from the moment I got my passport was: I can’t wait to get rid of this thing! (ie. marry a non-Zimbabwean.) It feels like a bit of a curse sometimes to have been born in Zimbabwe. I love my country but the GOVERNMENT made me hate it. The Liberators fought to give us out freedom. Now we need to fight to get our freedom from these very “liberators” who have literally and continue to suck the lifeblood out of the land.
        I wonder if our beloved President (or his cronies) still have a conscience…knowing they are using the resources of a land to make their pockets deeper. SHAMEFUL!!!

  6. You only get what you vote for, victims will always have problems.

  7. Nhasingeni Yokera

    Yea Mugabe has just failed period!!!! Its sad we have to live in foreign land.. GOD please Intervene

  8. If you keep on voting as you always did, you keep on getting what you always had.

    • No one voted Bob into power….
      Do you not know how Zimbabwean elections are held?!?!?! Educate yourself before making stupid statements. And ps. Zim wasn’t always bad. Had Bob left around the same time Mandela left, Zim would be a totally different country.

  9. Cry the beloved country

    @Hopeful – Ever heard of election rigging?

  10. Jimmy if you have finally found an opportunity to leave do so but at the same time my dear all those things you say are not available to you did you expect them to come knocking on your doorwhen you know full well that zimbabweans voted in their millions for this, dont talkk of rigging thats a lame excuse,, ask yourself what you have done to correct the wrongs you see in zimbabwe, truth is you have done nothing, their are brave zimbabweans as we speak at africa unity square, have you been there?what have you done to try and remedy the current crisis? Why dont you just leave quietly if you have the opprtunity and dont cry because who did you think was going to make life merry for you?do not make your farewells from a mountain top you present yourself as a coward, leave in silence as you have accepted your cowardice, we all know the ills facing zimbabwe, that is no longer an issue, what to do about it remains our biggest problem and only a few are trying whilst the rest of us cower away buy blabb our heads off on social media platforms, your reasons for leaving are old and stale,, afterall cowards always have a lot to say,, leave quitly

    • Zimbabwe leaders lose the greed, loose the selfishness. Think of the country, it’s going down the shit hall each day. Be like other African countries that take pride in being the best in health, education, business, community focused etc

    • So stoned, what are you yourself doing to address the stale reasons causing Jimmy et. al. to leave Zim? Maybe an unfair question to one that is “STONED”? Jimmy, thanks for lettings us know what is happening and reminding us again why our young talents are leaving? Did you notice the queues at the RSA High Commission in Harare? Stoned probably does not care, how can he?

    • Stoned. Right.

    • What are you smoking buddy?!?!? And which Zimbabwe are you referring to?!?! Clearly, you are speaking of a different country than the one WE ALL know of.

  11. all the best Jimmy. truth be told the future is bleak in our country .

  12. Every Nation has its problems that their society must face. Moving on to another nation is simply moving on to discover another set of problems and adapting to those. Eventually you will tire of those problems also.
    You may think you are moving on to bigger and better things, and yes your destination may provide you solutions that the preceding nation did not allow or have. But your new nation provides problems that are not being solved, problems that your preceding nation was solving.
    Things that were easy in the first nation become difficult and unresolved in your new environment. Your new nation may not be prioritizing things you once took for granted and accepted as a given.
    There are things that you are so accustomed to that you will only discover how much you relied on them once they are not available to you.
    If you are selecting a new nation on its ability to provide you with the means to attain that which you could not have before, then consider what you will lose and what you will no longer have.

    Consider what you have taken for granted, consider what it is around you that you are not cherishing as much as you should be. Consider how lucky you are to have what you do have and consider that so many have no access to what is all around you.

    Moving out is often nothing more than switching problem sets, swapping deficits for surpluses and surpluses for deficits.
    Will the move be an improvement to life and an enrichment of your journey? If so, then go ahead, take the leap. If your move is nothing but a game of musical chairs, then is it actually worth it?

  13. As an IT proffessional – (I am also in IT, but Networking by the way), who has more than 5yrs post qualification experience, you are elligible for a quota permit (4yrs to 5yrs) in SA. Dont use agencies, they will rip you off and give you a fake permit. DO IT YOURSELF. Its not that difficult. Programmers are in Demand in SA, and pay a modest salary. Why sacrifice the happiness of your family if you can provide for them better. if you need advise, reply here and will send you the requirements and any other information.

    • can you furnish me with more information and requirements?i have 10 years experience as a Networking programmer

      • Here below are the requirements for quota Permit. Only 2 items maybe difficult to get, or rather may take a month or 2 to get, but the rest are attainable in a few weeks. Once you have all the requirements, you are good to submit. If you submit all these, there is no way DHA will turn down your application. For everyone else who reads this post, Please make sure that your field falls on the quota list.

        A duly completed application form signed by yourself, the applicant
        A passport valid for no less than 30 days after the expiry of intended visit
        Payment of the prescribed fee

        Medical and radiology reports
        A police clearance certificate from each country in which you resided for 12 months or longer since the age of 18 years
        Lodge a cash deposit equivalent to the value of a return or an undertaking from the employer
        A contract of employment signed by both yourself and the employer.
        Original proof of qualifications and evaluation thereof by the South African Qualifications Authority.
        Proof of 5 yrs experience

        Offer letter

        Birth Certificate

        A letter of registration, if required by a law, from the relevant
        professional body/board/ council or undertake to register with the
        relevant professional body, board or council in the Republic of South
        Africa, where applicable.

        A certificate by the Department of Labour or an extract from the
        database of a benchmarking organisation stipulating the salary earned by
        employees occupying similar positions in the Republic of South Africa
        Compherensive CV

        As an additional requirement, the DHA also requires that you submit details of an individual who is leggally working in SA, who is in a position to look after you while you are looking for employment. These details are as follows:

        1) Copies of Passport and Permit / ID
        2) A letter confirming that the individual will pay for your upkeep
        3) Proof of income, ie 2 or 3 Months Payslips or 3 months Bank Statement which shows sufficient funds.

        You can drop me an email at mmanonose(at)gmail(dot)com

  14. Keep running….we should make examples out of idiots like you.

    • Truth seeker, there is the nice word called “CHOICE”, which we exercise everyday. You yourself chose to respond the way you did and that is OK. Jimmy is making his choice and letting us know why he is making that choice, which is more than many people have done. Jimmy is expressing what many others cannot that our leaders have failed us and he has to take a move that he had not dreamt of making as a true patriot. You may actually be the idiot yourself who does not appreciate others’ choices but yours??????

      • Our leaders have done their jobs perfectly. They are protecting the nation. It is the citizens who choose to sabotage themselves, and the country, and by being indoctrinated by European imperialism. Instead of uniting, you want to divide yourselves, and kill yourselves, calling it “Democracy”, when we Africans are the most democratic people in tradition. The Europeans you listen to are slavers. But you don’t care about the truth. You don’t think about the bigger picture, you don’t even know that you are making it worse, and if you do, you don’t care. We are fighting Imperialism who have no regard for life whatsoever. It’s all about control, money and resources to them. And they won’t use these things to better humanity, they will use them to control, and continual dehumanize humanity. That is European Capitalism. They want to turn us into cattle of cattle, just like their citizens (captives) in their colonies. There is no such thing as “white people” or “black people”, for there is no history of such a thing and nor is there any truth in them. Have you ever heard a Chinese or East Asian person calling themselves “yellow”? Racism is a distraction them use to keep Africans and Europeans they have in captivity stupid. Some so called white people know it, but they shut up because of PRIVILEGE. These devils want to set up that system in Zimbabwe. ZIMBABWE! Have you ever noticed that they compliment Zimbabweans, and hate on other Africans, it’s because we still retain our African minds, ourselves, thanks to Yours Truly. There is a reason Vadzimu hate the smell of Europeans.

        • Dear Truth Seeker,

          Is it not true that villagers were evacuated to make way for Grace Mugabe’s game farm. Is it not true that RESETTLED villagers were evacuated from another farm in Mazowe that was given as a wedding present to Bona and her husband (whoever he is, whether he is a pilot or not, the C10 dude, we all know him as Simba..). Is it not true that all those who oppose the grandfather in power even those in his own ZANU PF party have been castrated (and I mean this as a metaphor, and considering how ruthlessly this political assassination of those with a different mindset played out in the media..)

          In fact, is anything that this patriot who is fed up with the conditions in Zimbabwe has written about – scarcity of jobs for QUALIFIED proffessionals, crumbling infrastructure (pot holes in the roads), expense of ordinary life (buying food, paying rent, raising a family, communication and transport) etc – is any of this not true?

          I live in Bulawayo (it is still part of Zimbabwe, we have not Cessated Matabeleland yet) , and being an IT professional and I identify with the plight of the author in all the angles that the author has put up in his justification of his decision. It is now up to you Mr Truth Seeker to educate us how “Our leaders have done their jobs perfectly”?

          “We are fighting Imperialism (Imperialists?) who have no regard for life whatsoever. It’s all about control, money and resources to them.” In your own words I bring to your the plight of ordinary Zimbabweans against the uppper echelons of Zimbabwean leadership who take what is not given to them, who dehumanize the masses and have utter disregard for everybody else. Indeed we are fighting the Imperialists and their zombies like yourself.

          Mr Truth seeker, travel for yourself, Usaiite zveku udzwa, “IMBILA YASWELA UMSILA NGOKULAYEZELA” Zvirikufaya haditi? Take a trip to OR Tambo International Airport, Fly to Dubai my brother, Fly to Guangzhou. Just compare facilities and resources of OUT THERE and BACK HOME. Afterall, the hunter gatherers used to eat raw meat until someone dropped a carcass into the fire, Lo and Behold cooked meat tastes much better.

          Zimbabwe has so much potential to thrive, we are endowed with all the possible resources and riches our only drawback is corruption, incapable leadership and the population that has resigned itself to sheepishly follow these leaders and trumpet their lies.

          I feel sorry for you Mr Truth Seeker. I really do.

  15. Cleopatra Chakabveyo

    i totally get you man Zim is now a pain,and i get frustrated just by thinking about it

  16. So, you are leaving Zimbabwe but you don’t know where you are going, except that it will be somewhere that doesn’t require a visa. Wake up man. Anything worth having requires some effort. With your current attitude I can guarantee that you will still be living in Zimbabwe in five years time……………

  17. When i made the decision to leave Zimbabwe my friends told me that when the country is in the right track , they will be the first ones to explore opportunities.
    Understand i am young (27) and a Chartered Accountant, Yes CA . There are not enough jobs in Zimbabwe for all of us . I am glad you made such a decision , its never too late .
    Now I am in the UK working for a bank , lots of money and benefits plus i am young and not married , i have already started saving for my sperms.
    Life is much better here , I work just like i used to but the money is a bit too much for me ,

    Funny enough I visit kumsha ( my rural area ) more than the folks in Harare .

  18. I don’t see quitting as a bold decision. The little positive changes we see in Zimbabwe were all to do with a few Zimbabweans who stood up and made a statement. The likes of Morgan Tsvangirai, L. Jongwe to jus to mention a few. We’ve become so educated and liberated that people tend to mind their own business and not care how the ordinary Zimbabwean is doing.
    If someone wants to leave in such a manner like Jimmy, please go quietly.

  19. Reading your letter sounds like i wrote it myself. I too have been contemplating the same.. Highly skilled and experienced and I have been the one singing Zimbabwes praises whilst my family and friends left and started lives elsewhere.. even people i have trained have left and have made it elsewhere… I could add a few reasons why I am playing with the idea but i will just say that it is sad that after all my faith I might have to admit i was wrong and leave for the sake of my family…

  20. I disagree with some, you can absolutely be successful in Africa. I knew a guy who went on holiday to Gambia for a week in the 90’s, with £500 spending money. He realised he had brough far too much money & spent a few hundred £ on beautiful cloth, which he sold in London at a market for a vast profit. He was soon running a business importing Gambian cloth to the UK. All it took was a flight to Gambia & an eye for a nice peice of cloth. The opportunities must exist everywhere in Africa where there is a reasonably free market econoomy & are probably only absent where despotism & lousy economic management have caused Zimbabwe-like problems… So to Jimmy I would recomend Zambia or Namibia. Someone with his skills will be well looked after in a neighbouring country untl perhaps Zimbabwe’s luck turns…

  21. Well that’s what happens to you lazy black bastards… Who do you want to fix the potholes? Work on the water quality? Work in the factories? The ghosts. You all think just getting a degree in some financial subject is the answer. It takes hard work in all sectors, respect of people working in all sectors, and decent wages for everyone in all sectors… Stupid black bastards… You’re all useless…

    • Well really, hate comments like yours are particularly helpful aren’t they! Would you study for a degree, and then go & work filling potholes??? I doubt it. And the Zimbabwean work ethic is something to be proud of – try employing a lazy South African. Or try to release your blatant hatred of them, and make a useful suggestion/comment. I left Zimbabwe over 30 years ago, but I still consider it my home, and if Mugabe had not run it into the ground & I did not have small children to consider, I would still be there, as most of us would. I bet you live in SA?

  22. all the best Jimmy, but you will find out that the grass only looks greener before you go to the other side. the struggles that you will go through in other countries might be even worse than you are facing right now unless you have job offers or you have something set up. just make sure that you have a solid plan before you live our beloved country. we may show you the nice cars and nice food, but you don’t know how much low we have gotten to be here. some Zimbabweans are treated like slaves in these places that we all wish we were. many people lied that there are so important that the government was out to get them, but truth be told, no one in Zim has the energy to want to kill them so they tainted our country’s image even worse than the situation at hand. we all say that as long as i put food on the table, i can be a slave any time, but we forget that we have kids who will grow up messed up because of these choices. our kids are embarrassed to call us parents and to be called Zimbabweans because of how low we have gone and what we have put up with over the years. in turn we have created a generation of kids that have no values, no morals, no pride and no culture. so just plan your things well before you leave the country, i understand that you are fed up but don’t lose your pride for the sake of generations after us. physically leaving the country doesn’t strip you off of your patriotism, it can be a set up for a step up if we work together to build our homeland. the water is not safe, what can we do to ensure affordable clean water?, because no everyone is able to leave Zim, think of your brothers n sisters, aunts and uncles and parents??? if everything was well outside Zim, why do most people long to come home even with the situation at hand. this is just my line of thinking…

  23. Thats a good decision Jimmy for u to feed the family! but on the other hand who is going make things right or else you are going for good ?? The problem with us Zimbos we expect things to change miracle way yet we forgotten that our grand father/mother fought for their freedom from scratch. we always shout from social networks and doing nothing to change the Situation. Today its Jimmy who is going tomorrow its Jonas… Who is going to fight the Dictator

    #GoWell My Brother Wish you tha Best Jimmy

  24. What a stunning and precipitous fall from breadbasket to dirt-floor crumbs Zimbabwe has proven to be. Blame it on the Man.

  25. So sad, but so true. But where to go? Kuri sei ku Chimoio? Don’t a large section of the population in Manica & Sofala provinces in Mozambique speak Shona. Zvinhu zvikanyanya kusunga I think I’ll go there.

  26. These are the kind of guys who make me proud of my proffession, talks like a a real programmer…..Pruod to be. a Programmer

  27. This is the problem: NO ONE CARES AND NO ONE CARES to do anything about it.
    As a Zimbabwean people, we’re not know for our revolutions or activism. I think it’s about high time WE, the young who have seen it all (democracy through liberation – for this we thank the late greats) but it’s time we liberate ourselves from the greedy cronies who are now WORSE for our beloved country than the colonialists!!

  28. Jimmy and all the commenter’s on this article.

    I have personally worked in each and every Southern African country but grew up in Zim from the age of 5 till i was 19. There was no better place back then in the late 90’s early 00’s to grow up in. Being a South African by birth and a Zimbabwean by life I have experienced so to say all sides of the fence. I left South Africa almost 4 years ago now for the same reasons I left Zimbabwe, the future is bleak. The rest of Africa is absolutely fantastic were skills are more important to the country and their outlook on the world is completely different I would recommend to look at Zambia, Botswana or Namibia. Good Luck and all the best for your family.

  29. Why do people have to learn the hard way?He should have just left long ago.This is the argument I continue to have with people in Zimbabwe.A lot of them think they are doing themselves a favour, patriotism they call it.I think its stupidity of the highest order.Mugabe and Co send their children to study abroad, they work abroad and enjoy a good life abroad, courtesy of the sound policies of others, whilst you remain put in penurious Zimbabwe thinking you are going to be given some kind of medal……the only gold medal anyone should get for that kind of thinking is that of the “world cup of stupidity”..Zimbabweans their “education” and their “patriotism”..nxa..good luck!……

  30. who cares what you do. If you choose to go try hell it might be the best for you, good ridence for us in zimbabwe you have already delayed your departure

  31. The shit is fucked up really bad in Zim. Potholes everywhere. Fucking cheap Japanese cars everywhere. Drivers drive like dicks. No street lights but 6pm those fucking cheap box cars will be blinding people. The Beitbridge road is so fucked it made me angry. Buildings in Harare are all fucked up just like the roads, No Power every every, No water, Toilets seats r so grossly fucked and messed up. How does a fucking toilet seat gets fucked up and so dirty its unusable. I preferred shitting in the bundu that a toilet. Trash is everywhere. No real business other than people selling food, n fucking Chinese electronics like what the fuck. Zimbabwe is so fucking sad and fucked up I can not believe those dicks in Parliament r even stealing our money. How does shit get so fucked up its fucking in shambles.

    Lord have fucking mess!!!!

  32. Reading this my heart bleeds, i left zim for SA and yes i have the same qualification i might not be driving top of the range cars but i have decent home, and decent car, no port holes, public hospitals are fine (not the best but in comparison). Here is SA they hate us no doubt about that look at the new immigration laws and the xenophobic attacks i guess it pay back for what we used to do to Malawians. We as africans hate each other you go to any country and you will find the same i dont know about other continents but here there is so much hate. What pains me the most is that in Zimbabwe the political elite are so so rich even richer than the country look at Obert the guy owns half of Byo and farms that stretch from Byo to Hwange and yet common pple like me have to be contend with dirty water, portholes e.t.c. Fuel goes down everywhere but not in zim instead the gvt introduces more duty let me leave it here, someday maybe someday things will change. I am ready to come back once the rebuilding exercise begins

  33. Brighton Bufflex Manunure

    why u just go home and sing nora Zim gopt independence mi friend Zvikutofaya kuno dai waka depotewa touya tichikudepota wakananga kuruzevha wapihwa katikiti wpti mwini mwini bvudza Tafadzwa akadzoswa Canada kwaakaenda ane12 years kusvika ane25 but aamo muZimba kkkkkkkk ZVIKUTOFAYA WANGU tinawo madegree akutaura iwayo

  34. enda wakanyarara sanke zvinongoita vamwe

  35. Dear Jim

    I hope you will be able to take with you everyone you care about because honestly what good does it do to you to leave a place where you feel no one cares and leave the very people you care about. I have been out of the country too, professional like you but my heart is in my home. There I can build a legacy for my generation. I find creative ways to make a living and more. If you didn’t leave when everything was dead except that you had a job and didn’t feel the pinch then, maybe you should start to admit that you are a selfish coward and good luck chasing employment wherever you go.

  36. Zimbabwe is “No country for young men”!

  37. ” I couldn’t have stayed on in that house of hunger, where every morsel of sanity if taken away from you,the same way some kinds of birds snatch away food from the very mouths of their own babes.” Marechera . My brother our country is a house of hunger described by Dambudzo Marechera

  38. Mister Arcadia PhD.

    I left Zim 15 years ago but I was one of the last of my peers,I am an Electrician by trade.When my friends were ‘jumping’ out of Zim to go to NZ,Canada,UK,SA,Australia and the States I was laughing out loud,saying ‘where the hell are you guys going? At that time I had a small electrical company and the contracts I had with Zesa,United Refineries,Rio Tinto and others were small but very profitable and was always paid on time.After the referendum in 2000 ,things changed.My contracts dwindled,payments were delayed by 180 days and more,the few tenders floating were awarded to those with ZANU connections who registered shelf companies and had no skills to do the job.I was forced to shut shop,I couldn’t sleep at night,kids were going to high school and I was struggling to pay school fees,the Messenger of Court was always knocking at my door,creditors were phoning me at night.One day I thought ‘fuck it’ ,as a mixed-race guy I am going to trace the white side of me,went to the archives in Zim and contacted friends in the UK who had used the ancestory visa route.Luckily ,I found the lineage,applied and got the ancestory visa,now I am settled here nicely.I send money home every month and go home twice a year if I can.

    So Jimmy,go for it,Zim is fucked! As long as the ZANU Mafia is in control forget it!

    • Shame..they left you behind coz you’re dumb mixed breed- they were embarrassed to Land back home with a point five idiot in tour

  39. Why the announcement? We wanted you gone back home yesterday..Europe is so awesome..teenage prostitution, drug infested Streets and Schools.
    Its Awesome Alright! JUST Goo we don’t want your pinkarse here- mever did.

  40. That is if you can even leave, You can check-out any time you like but can you actually leave?????

  41. Go to Rwanda. They need guys like you. ICT is big there bro!!

  42. Avner Eliyahu Romm

    Part of the original version of “the Good, the Bad and Mrs. Hani”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNuKZXgdyDk

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