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I miss church, says Jah Signal

Rebecca Kabaya Arts Reporter
Award-winning dancehall artiste Jah Signal (real name Nicodemus Mutize) has revealed that he misses going to church because of his busy schedule.

Jah Signal, an apostolic sect member of the Mwenje Weruponeso Apostolic Church, was finding it hard and difficult to balance religion and music, but says he owes his success to God.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, the “Sweetie (Shina Murora)” hitmaker said his career was distancing him faway from church.

“I grew up in a Christian background, hence I started singing at Mwenje Weruponeso Apostolic Church at a tender age,” he said. “I miss church and I can never forget where I came from.

“Ever since I became an artiste, it has been difficult for me to go to church regularly. Actually, things have changed in my life. I am no longer a religious person compared to before and never forget my roots.”

Though, he admitted that he is still the boy next door, this has helped his family and friends to understand that music is his chosen career for which he needed full support.

“My church mates and family now understand my career,” said Jah Signal. “I am still the same boy they met three years ago. I think this is because I never changed my character. I remained the child they raised in a Godly manner in church.” Jah Signal said he can no longer mix his music with church, since his music is secular.

“I am now like a back-slider and this is affecting me, though in the secular world they are enjoying my music. I miss my church friends,” he said.

Asked if he would ever pick the love of his life from his fan base, Jah Signal said he did not mix his social life with work.

“There could be fans who want to date me, but I don’t take advantage of my fans because they love my music,” he declared.

“It will not be a good thing to mix love and work. Instead as an artiste I prefer to search for a partner, elsewhere, an not amongst my fans. I am still single and live with my parents,” the dancehall chanter said.

Source : The Herald

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