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I Only Know Magaya’s Manhood Wrapped Under His Pants – Bev

Following widespread social media speculation that raunchy dancer, Beverly “Bev” Sibanda may have also bedded the embattled Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder, Walter Magaya, the controversial pole dancer has dismissed the claims saying she has only seen the cleric’s manhood covered under his pants.

In 2014, Bev joined PHD Ministries and put a halt to her dancing profession. Although her stint at PHD was short-lived, Magaya opened an apparel for before she reverted to her old ways.

In her recent testimonial video, Bev said Magaya did too little for her to even bed him.

“I would not sleep with Magaya for money! I make a lot of income enough to fend for my needs from my job. Sleeping with Magaya for that tiny shop he opened for me? What do you really take me for? Leave me out of Magaya’s business, please do not involve my name in his matters,” she said.

She swore that she does not know what Magaya’s manhood looks like.

“I do not even know what Magaya’s manhood looks like, I only saw it covered under his pants. Just because I am a dancer it does not mean I am a whore. It is not like once a woman gets famous she automatically becomes a whore,” said Bev.

Magaya has for the past two weeks battled against allegations of rape leveled against him by a number of women from his church.

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