I’ll never run away from Mugabe’s ‘brutal’ regime, says #Zimbabwe activist Patson Dzamara

Cape Town – The brother of missing Zimbabwean activist Itai Dzamara, has claimed that he would never run away from President Robert Mugabe‘s “brutal” regime.

In a Telephone interview with News24, Patson Dzamara, who was currently in South Africa said he was in the southern African country to attend “an important meeting” and also to drum up support for the anti-Mugabe protests that have engulfed his country in the past weeks.

“I am not running away from Mugabe and I’ll never run away,” said Patson.

An author and speaker, Patson mounted his own protest in front of Mugabe on independence day on April 18. He held a banner outside the VIP tent Mugabe was sitting in at the public independence celebrations. The banner read: “Independent but not free: Where is my brother Itai?” He was quickly apprehended by security guards.

Patson has since become one a familiar figure at Harare protests and court appearances.

Zimbabweans deserve better 

Protests have recently dominated in most parts of Zimbabwe, as activists tried to force Mugabe to relinquish power.

Mugabe has been in power since 1980, when the southern African nation attained its independence. The country’s economy has continued to crumble under his leadership.

Patson said that Zimbabweans deserved better than the current crop of leadership in the country.

He accused Mugabe’s government of corruption.

“Zimbabweans have heard enough of corrupt leaders. The people of Zimbabwe deserve better. We simply don’t want Robert Mugabe and his cohorts any longer. For the first time people are speaking out, that is remarkable,” said Patson.

He further said that he had no problem with the many social movements that had sprung out throughout the southern African country calling for Mugabe to go.

Same values

He said that the movements were working together in order to achieve their shared mission of seeing and building a better country without Mugabe and his cohorts.

He also said that if they were to rally behind one organisation, the country’s “notorious”  security apparatus would easily infiltrate and destroy their organisations.

“If we were to have a single co-ordinated organisation, the security apparatus of president Mugabe would easily infiltrate and destroy that organisation. Therefore, I think it is okay to have a variety of movements of which we share the same values. This does not mean we do not support each other, we do. We do have a converging point in which we agitate and push for the removal of Mugabe,” he said.

Patson said that he was looking forward to the planned demonstrations slated for Friday.

He, however, warned that the country’s police could respond with force as they had done a week ago.

“I am too sure that the police are prone to doing something stupid on Friday. Even after we had obtained a court order last Friday, that did not stop them from acting stupidly and with force. However, we’re ready to sacrifice everything,” he said.

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