Indigenous Knowledge Systems : Management of Harurwa Part 2

Claude Maredza
So, as already been observed, the best way to put into our psyches the realisation that we also need to go on holiday would be to start with school children who must go on trips to these tourist attractions.

This way, the young will grow up with an internalised quest to go on holiday once in a while and to know their Zimbabwe and beyond.

That way, we can therefore have a mindset groomed through the young ones, which almost naturally makes it a must that at least once in a year, one must go on holiday.

Otherwise if we leave it the way it is, we simply won’t convince our people to go on holiday as most of them have been socialised to think that only white people go on holiday, a fallacy created by colonialism and racism.

The only group of our people going on holiday is a fraction of the upper class, which is not really healthy because any test of how successful a national scheme is manifests when the poorest among us can afford the going on holiday.

If only the elite afford going on holiday, then such an elitist way of doing things cannot be healthy and is definitely not sustainable.

After all, by sheer numbers, the poor can cause a revolution in tourism as this will mean seriously improved tourism revenues based on economies of scale.

We should also make these holiday resorts user friendly to our people through friendly service so that the mindset that these places are for white tourists only is erased.

The attitude that black people do not tip waiters must be erased from those of us that serve in these places because that sort of attitude further alienates our people from holiday resorts and perpetuates the mindset that such places are only for white tourists.

The prices of goods and services in tourist attractions must also be made affordable to the poorest amongst us. This will enable our people to afford those goods and services and will also leave them with a bit of money to then be able to tip.

But if we practise neo-racism by pegging prices of goods and services in holiday resorts that we know are not affordable to the poorest amongst us, then we are simply shooting ourselves in the foot by discriminating against our own people.

Also very importantly, it is sad to observe that the spirituality of our erstwhile oppressors is still entombed in our national monuments.

Unfortunately, this tends to perpetuate the mindset which says tourism is for white tourists.

You go to Victoria Falls, and larger-than-life statue of Livingstone is gazing down upon our Mosi oa Tunya, a world wonder in a very authoritative, condescending and commandeering manner.

Ggazing right from the vantage point of where the falls proper start, across a very significant expanse of the Zambezi River gorge onto where the water avalanche that forms the falls plunges into to form this, our natural wonder.

Livingstone’s statue gazes at the falls in such a spiritually conquering way as if he is clearly saying he rules over our own ancestral spirits, our very own guardians of our spirituality and a conduit to God Almighty.

This is very spiritually disturbing and our ancestors and God can never be happy with this.

We should have removed this Livingstone statue and indeed any other racist enslavers’ and colonisers’ statues and or other colonial mementoes as these are a clear affront on our ancestors and, therefore our spirituality and therefore God!

Besides, the name Victoria Falls, in honour of the British queen, honour of British ancestry persists when we have our own name Mosi oa Tunya, The Smoke That Thunders and our own name becomes a mere punctuation mentioned not enough times to cause even as little as any question marks or just some curiosity.

Our authority must be clearly, emphatically and decidedly stamped at such important national heritage by enforcing our presence through giving our names indelible, eternal and weighty significant presence.

Continuance of the dominance of mementoes of our colonisers in our national monuments has a negative psychological effect on the general ordinary citizenry of our people because they will feel that the white master is still present so they will feel slavish in their own national monuments and never feel free to enjoy the national heritage freely because of the looming image of the colonisers represented by such statues representing the coloniser in our national monuments.

It is flaccid and limp to try and argue that we must keep the name Victoria Falls so as to attract tourists as has been averred by some schools of thought.

That’s crass nonsense! First, it strengthens the erroneous racist view and myth that only white foreigners are tourists in Zimbabwe and Africa in general, and secondly it flies right against simple economic laws because demand and supply work in unison with other natural laws of commerce and names are usually out of it.

Names only begin to be associated with success way after the success has been established and success is established through following correct fundamentals of commerce and names simply have nothing to do with it!

If your marketing is right; if your pricing is right and your service is excellent, and you are selling a product as highly demanded as harurwa for example; whether that place is called Chirinyarinya or Chapwati or Bandaranaike or Victoria Falls, it will still attract customers. Once you have established a market niche and a market following through applying the right commercial fundamentals, then the name of your business, whatever it is, becomes associated with success and this success will have been born out of your correct business management and not because you called your business Victoria Falls.

If customers get service after they have raised a stink, you can give that place whatever name, it will never get customers. You can call it Buckingham or Harvard or whatever, it will not tick because your commercial fundamentals will not be there. So it’s a bit naive to say retaining the name Victoria Falls means attracting customers as that flies right in the face of fundamentals of proper and good commerce. And as if the deeply annoying nonsense at Victoria Falls is not enough, Cecil John Rhodes lies right at the heart of one of the holiest of our holiest spiritual sites, the Matombo Hills (erroneously now popularly known as Matopo Hills or just Matopos). Carved out of the granite rock which makes the main feature of the Matombo Hills, Rhodes’ grave is exquisitely carved into this granite, giving it eternal permanence, interring an vowed racist murderer and enslaver’s bones right at the heart of our holy of holies.

To the left of Rhodes’ grave, is the grave of Rhodes’ purported boyfriend Leander Starr Jameson, as it is suggested in many writings that Rhodes and Jameson were in a gay relationship, and a few metres further down on this rocky outcrop, also carved out of granite is the monument which is the memorial for Rhodes’ soldiers who were massacred by the Zulu/Ndebele warriors in that famous battle of Shangani River, where all the British soldiers were massacred by our gallant fighters.

De ja vu, Battle of Isandlwana in Zululand, South Africa, which was again ironically against the same marauding racist colonialist British and again against the Zulus where again the British were so massacred and thoroughly routed that in today’s apartheid-free South Africa, the new black authorities have immortalised the day of this battle in which they completely outclassed and overwhelmed the British enemy by declaring it a national holiday!

The defeat at the Battle of Isandlwana so miffed the British that both houses of the British Parliament — the House of Lords and the House of Commons — spent days debating how they could be humiliated by “these black African savages”, the Zulus!

Even up to today, it still affects some British authorities that they do not want to be reminded of the Battle of Isandlwana.

The triangle that is formed if you draw lines joining Rhodes’ grave with Jameson’s grave and the monument commemorating the massacred British soldiers all atop this Matopos granite boulder is a very clear luciferic satanic freemasonic symbol.

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