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“I Have Infected 124 Students With HIV”, Second Year University Student Reveals

A university student from one of the leading universities within Nairobi and going by Facebook name Janet Faith posted a shocking revelation on Facebook yesterday, confessing that she has infected 124 students with HIV.

The 2nd year student said her mission is to infect 500 students by the time she graduates, stating that she chose to do so after being infected by a 3rd year student while she was still a naive and innocent first year.

This is what she wrote on the Facebook group, but pulled it down after she was viciously attacked and abused by other bitter group members.

“Men are heartless beings. Whoever came up with the phrase all men are the same never lied. Yes, all men are dogs. And I have no apologies to make because now I am HIV+ and I intend to payback after a heartless third year student took advantage of my innocence last year and infected me with the disease. Since I cannot cure myself, I have to teach these greedy men a lesson and all those who cannot keep their zips closed after any dress passing by.”

“You might blame me and call me heartless and coldhearted, but the truth is I don’t care. Why didn’t the man who infected me tell me he was positive? Or at least use protection if he cared about me? He didn’t care, and I assume he was on a spreading mission too. That’s why I am doing this too.”

“With my seductive looks and perfect health condition no one can guess I am positive. So, while I take ARVs and suffer in silence, my target will be to infect 500 men by the time I am graduating. At least my heart will be in peace. Blame me if you wish, but I never force any man to sleep with me. They do so at their own will. So spare me your lecturers……”

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