Innovative Chitown Youth Develops Local Music Site

By Marshall Bwanya
The old adage goes, “Innovation knows no boundaries”. That is the case with 20-year-old Israel Mangwiro, born and bred in Chitungwiza, who has recently developed an online hub to access local music.

The youthful think-tank said he was inspired to develop Zimhansii online site to preserve and promote all genres of local music that can now be easily uploaded on the site.

“I was inspired to develop Zimhansii after I realised that some great hits from the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s were slowly being lost, simply because we did not have our own local secure platform to preserve and promote our music.

“Zimhansii carries the identity, essence and soul of all genres of local music made and that is to be made, to be accessed by everyone, even those in the diaspora that are reminiscent of local music and this can be done with a click of a button,” he said.

Mangwiro reiterated that Zimhansii was developed to strictly promote local music content which is at risk of extinction ubtil such a time that it will not exist any more as there has been no online platform to immortalize and safeguard local genres.

Local music available on Zimhansii is in MP3 format.

However, local artists who would want to promote their music through the Zimhansii platform have to pay a sum of 10 RTGS as he cited issues to do with the maintenance of the platform.

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