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‘International Food and Value Chains the Way to Go’

Zimbabwe needs to develop strategies for it to participate in international food and agricultural value chains which will result in the country adding more foreign currency to its basket.

There has been disputes around Zimbabwe’s land tenure systems with analysts saying land in Zimbabwe is basis of wealth and its allocation and security determines the development of the country and quality to human life pace of development.

Agricultural consultant Maxwell Mutema recently told a National Consultative Dialogue Workshop on Land Tenure and Land Policy in Zimbabwe that Zimbabwe needs to have land tenure and land policy that is evidence based, with genuine and transparent wide stakeholder consultations and engagement

The workshop was hosted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) together with Real Estate Institute of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s agricultural land is predominantly under communal ownership, while resettled farmers under the A1 and A2 models own land through permits and 99-year leases respectively.

Mutema pointed out that land and agricultural policies promulgated by Government should contribute towards reducing risks in agricultural investments and the only way to participate in the global agricultural and food trade value chain is to meet international standards.

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