Inventory of #Zimbabwe’s Minister Ignatius Chombo’s wealth

Inventory of Zimbabwe’s Minister Ignatius Chombo’s wealth

By Talkmore Mudonhi

TODAY I bring you the details of the sprawling business and property empire that Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo as mysteriously built over the years.

Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo
Although Chombo clearly attempted to hide his empire under shelf companies and various other guises its sheer size meant that this was ultimately an exercise in futility.

Chombo is currently locked in battle over property with his senior wife, Miriam Chombo.

Dozens of housing stands and other property amassed by Chombo over the years have been listed under several shelf companies or in the names of his sons in a desperate bid to cover up the minister’s sprawling empire.

The concealment of Chombo’s properties under shelf companies and third parties was facilitated by Attorney General Johannes Tomana, who masterminded the transfer of the properties to some of Chombo’s sons and investment vehicles.

Chombo’s letter addressed “to the attention of Mr Tomana” states: “Can the following assets be transferred to the named persons as follows:-

1.Enoch Masimbaashe — House No. 79 West Road, Avondale West, Harare; Benz 320.
2.Tafadzwa Rugara — Flat No. B320, Odzi Court, Eastview Gardens, Harare.
3.Dylan Chombo — San Sebastian Flat, Cnr Tongogara/6th Street.
4.Dr I Chombo — Flat No. B319, Odzi Court, East View Gardens, Harare.
5.Nimrod Gilford Chombo — Volvo, Norton business stand, Chishawasha residential stand, Chinhoyi business stand, Chelsea Flats, Block of 4 units.
6.Ignatius Morgen Chiminya Chombo Jnr — Norton Business Stand, Chishawasha residential stand, Banket business stand, Chelsea Flats, 1 block of 4 units.
7.Marian Chombo – Greendale House, Glenview 1 House, Glen View 7 House, Land Cruiser. Item No. 7 to be transferred into Marina Chombo’s son trust.
Chombo’s letter also advises Tomana to transfer 100 percent shareholding of Growfin Investments – his major investment vehicle – into Chombo Family Trust. He also advises the AG to transfer new Allan Grange Farm to the Chombo Family Trust.

The contents of other documents in our possession bear witness to Chombo’s incredible wealth: stands in Epworth, Chirundu, Kariba, Ruwa, Chinhoyi, Mutare, Chegutu, Binga, Victoria Falls, Zvimba, Chitungwiza, Beitbridge, Harare and Bulawayo.

All these stands are mostly commercial, some of them residential, hidden under investment vehicles Dilcrest Investments, Hutmat Investments, Growfin Investments, Teamrange Investments, Waywick Investments, Harvest-Net Investments, Waycorn Investments, Tonewick Investments, Aixland Investments, and Nedbourne Investments. All the investment vehicles were created by the minister to hold his properties.

Pride of place must go to the more than dozen housing stands accumulated in Harare’s leafy suburbs, including Stand 61 in Helensvale which is hidden under Harvest-Net Investments. It is fully paid for and awaiting title deeds.

The minister has also acquired residential stands 257 to 260 in Borrowdale Estates under investment vehicle Waywick Investments, residential stands 251 to 255 again in Crowhill Borrowdale estates under Tonewick Investments, stand 293 in Avondale under Waywick Investments, and stand 365 Beverly in Harare under Nedbourne Investments.

Below is the full list of some of the minister’s properties:


•243 Arcturus Rd, Greendale
•79 West Rd, Avondale West
•2334 Mwenezi Avenue, New Marlborough
•House No. 187, 24 Crescent Glenview 1
•House No. 7386 – 4th way Glenview 7
•Chelsea Garden Flats – 3 Clyst road, Chadcombe
•Flat no. B319, Odzi Court, East view gardens


1.Mazda 323 – registration number 692-967Z
2.Nissan 3.0 – 782-177R
3.Mercedes E230 – 826-101K
4.Toyota Land Cruiser – 795-526B
5.Toyota Land Cruiser 841-061N
6.Mazda B1600 – 644-814J
7.DAT/Nissan 2000 – 698-750K
8.Mazda B2200 – 525-882K
9.Peugeot 678-302J
10.Land Rover station wagon 46CD24
11.Nissan N-Champ

Trucks and Trailers

1.Freightliner horse 830-643X
2.Freightliner horse – 830-644Y
3.Freightliner horse 830-641V
4.Freightliner horse 830-642W
5.Mamsen tanker flat deck 805-833E
6.Tasker semi-trailer tri-axle 812-854L

New Allan Grange Farm trucks and trailers

1.International 9700 horse – 808-860V
2.Volvo FL6 dropside – 723-023T
3.Mercedes Benz 1417 truck 567-746P
4.Leyland Comet 16.16 dropside 495-736S
5.Mamsen trailer tri-axle 832-204Q
6.Homemade trailer – 827-847H


1.John Deere, JD 4450, JD4255, JD 3140, JD 3350
2.Landini tractor
3.Same 80
4.Same Explorer tractor
5.Same 60 tractor
6.Case 4230 case tractor
7.Messy Ferguson MF390, MF 390E
8.2 Fiat-Agri 8066 tractors
9.2 New Holland NH-8066

Total 17 tractors

Motor bikes

1.Jialing 125JHL,
2.3 Suzuki 35Suzuki, 2 125 Suzuki bikes
3.Yamaha 100
4.Yamaha 115
5.Honda 185
Total 7 bikes

More farm equipment

•15 trailers,
•8 harrows,
•5 planters,
•2 ploughs
•3 combine harvesters CLAAS 78s, Classic 78,
•Case combine harvester
Total 3 combine harvesters

•3 grinding mills,
•3 graders
•2 generators
•2 compressors
•2 welding machines
•2 gas welding and cutting sets
•2 centre pivots
•10 pumps – 1 Hydroflo
•9 100HP pump units
•6 storage tanks
•2 grinders
More than 1000 pipes and ancillary equipment such as taps, bends, end plugs reducers

•324 sprinklers
•6 Compaq PCs
•1 HP office jet 4110 printer
•LX300 Epson printer

Residential and commercial stands

•Epworth commercial stand hidden under Hutmat Investment paid in full, need to be fenced
•2 Chirundu local board commercial stand under Growfin Investment
•Kariba stands No. 1201, 1202 commercial stands hidden under Hutmat investments – paid for
•Ruwa local board stand No 23407 hidden under Teamrange investment – paid in full
•Chinhoyi stand No. 6819 hidden under Nedbourne Investments – paid in full
•Mutare commercial stand Hutmat Investments – not yet paid for
•Chegutu stand No 30250 Hutmat Investments paid in full
•Binga Lakeshore commercial stand No 1493 Teamrange Investment – waiting EIA
•Victoria Falls stand No 1382 and 1383 Hutmat investments – application made
•Zvimba Rural District Council by Brockfield Waywick Investments – application made
•City of Harare Stand 61 Helensvale Harare – Harvest-Net Investments – fully paid awaiting title deeds
•Chitungwiza Stand No 29540, Unit G Seke – commercial stand Hutmat Investments – paid for
•Beitbridge town residential stands – Waywick investments – application made
•Beitbridge town residential stand 4691 – awaiting lease documents
•Harare Crowhill farms, Borrowdale Estates residential stands 261 to 265 Waycorn Investments – processing title deeds
•Crowhill Farms, Borrowdale Estates residential stands 251 to 255 Tonewick investments – processing title deeds
•Harare stand 293 Avondale Waywick investments – fully paid awaiting title deeds
•Harare stand 365 Beverly Nedbourne Investments (Pvt) Ltd, fully paid awaiting title deeds
•Bulawayo residential stands 93 Matsheumhlope, Aixland Investments

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