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Dear Bullish Thoughts

I am a 39 year old man. I am currently troubled by my relationship with my girlfriend who is 26 years old. Her parents died when she was 8 years then she dropped out of school because no one could afford to pay her fees.

I then met her when she was 14 years and sent her back to school.

I was selling fruit by the street just to pay her fees. I then got a job as a truck driver and sent the girl to university and now she is employed as a Finance Manager.

My problem is that she now feels she can’t continue with this relationship because I am not her type.

She says she is grateful that I sent her to school but she can’t be in a relationship with me anymore. She wants somebody in her own class not a truck driver.

My financial and emotional feelings are being hurt. I met to a stockbroker who advised me that if I had bought some Delta and BAT shares 12 years ago, not only would I be making Roy Turner green with envy but I would also have been a proud shareholder inAfrican Sun, Pelhams, OK Zimbabwe and perhaps even Dawn.

The stockbroker also said with the shares I could have bought with the money I invested in her fees, I would actually be owning a truck company nearer in size to SABOT, CARSor even Takrose.

Above all, I would have paid for my own further education with dividends from Delta and OK Zim. I am also advised that the recent BAT dividend of 23c would have been adequate to help me retire early. Please help, I am hurting…Truck Driver.

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