Itai Dzamara, Zimbabwe’s leader is born

Slowly Dzamara is leading the advent of mass action against the 34 year old Mugabe regime which has been entrenched with the use of all foul means. ZANU-PF has sustained power by relentlessly killing and assaulting its opponents and critics. Itai Dzamara knows this, but what can conquer a revolutionary and a lover of the people? Dzamara exudes a very deep  and mature philosophical temperament.  Itai has mastered that his comfort is nothing so long as the people of Zimbabwe are suffering. He is the epitome of citizenship, lover of peace and pursuer of justice. He is brave and courageous just as any genuine leader should be.He represents the Martin Luther King Jnr of Zimbabwe and the Gandhi of India who fought injustice through peaceful means and were victorious in the end, even at the danger of their own lives. And he does not need money stashed in his bank account first before confronting the sad demise of Zimbabwe. He leads from the soul, not from the pocket. He is a man of action, just as his name Itai in Shona simply means, “DO’, or “Practice.”

As the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions(ZCTU) slammed the police’s attack on Unity Square Protester Itayi Dzamara and his lawyer on Thursday, opinion has boiled up voicing that the journalist is proving popular and favourable than Robert Mugabe and facebook faceless protester Baba Jukwa. Itayi Dzamara inspires the Robert Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai, and Baba Jukwa movements put together more than any other Zimbabwean living to date.

Itai and friend, arrested by the police
Itai and friend, arrested by the police

Below was an array of reader comments analysing Dzamara who recently wrote a fearless letter telling Robert Mugabe to step down.

Black Technocrat, “If you look at the world’s mightiest rivers, it is very easy to forget that the very sources of the roaring waters are simple springs. The waters gather strength with time as they inevitably flow to the oceans. The people who sent thugs to assault Itai Dzamara must surely know that he is that seemingly innocuous spring that marks the beginning of a roaring river.

“Up until I saw this, I had thought of the young man as a simple Zimbabwean expressing his displeasure at the state of the nation of Zimbabwe. As long as the government was ignoring him, Dzamara was nothing more than a disgruntled young man, one of numerous young Zimbabweans who share his anguish. Now that the government has decided to assault him, Itai Dzamara is no longer an anonymous young man unhappy with the Government of Zimbabwe. He has become more than a pesky youth. The government has told everyone that this young man sends waves of fear down the spines of our leaders.


Other commentators added variable voice:

JG: “This young man is as courageous as Mugabe himself when he was his age. I am sure Mugabe secretly admires this boy in his lobby or closet whilst he does his routine contemplations reflecting on his perceived or real enemies/threats and weighing his millions of options to thwart them as he has always successfully done since 1960. Whether the young man will manage to wrestle Mugabe or not or whether Mugabe will manage to arm twist, its all the drama that we eagerly waiting for.My apologies to call this struggle a drama but at least in Mugabe’s politics its just a drama because he won’t be moved a inch but he will play games with young man. I am not intimidating Dzamara on behalf of Mugabe by projecting Mugabe as invincible because I know it can take a little man like David or Dzamara to defeat a giant or veteran Goliath Gath or Gabriel of Gushungo!! That’s where the drama would come in when the two unmatched foes face each other.”

PR: Should I call this a spirit of bravery or rather suicide? If its bravery, truly his excellence, as the previous commentator has attested to, privately admires his 1930 -60s vigour and courage in this 21st century young warrior.

GS:Itai Dzamara’s spirit is mutating at a fast rate, Mugabe is feeling it if he has a conscience.”

Following the assault Dzamara wrote on his facebook profile,

“Fellow Zimbabweans, a deliberate plot to kill me by thugs in police uniform yesterday totally failed. Assessments have shown that l didn’t suffer any life threatening nor internal injuries. I thank God for his faithfulness and protection.

It is a miracle that over 20 thugs spent more than 15 minutes severely beating me all over the body – with two baton sticks breaking into pieces – but l am walking now, in fact about to take a shower, alone. I am also grateful for all your strength, support and prayers. If my crime to these thugs and their masters is my commitment to pursuing civil, peaceful and resolute means for a better Zimbabwe, then my conscience is clear and am willing to face anything. Am recovering from multiple injuries and will be back soon, to fight for a better Zimbabwe.”

A disciple of Dzamara identified as Peter Jack, disclosed the identity of the police officer who had led the brutal assault on Dzamara saying,

“I have finished my investigation on Cst Matsikidze. He is an overzealous police officer who is stationed at Hre Central Police-Operations. He is one of the youths who went to Boader Gezi Youth training and that’s how he got employed in the police force. He is known for for harassing MDC members and activists or anyone who opposes ZANU-PF regime.The same person led a squad of 15 Officers who brutally beat up Itai Dzamara and left him lying unconscious. Please phone this man on +263777865171 and ask him why he is doing this. Let’s not give
him time to rest until he stop what he is doing.If he changes number we will give you the new number. He must not have peace until he stops this barbaric behavior in police uniform. MATSIKIDZE MUDENGA!! BATAI MUNHU!! Roverai pasi!!!!”

Dzamara responded urging his supporters to remain calm and fight through ‘civil, peaceful and resolute means.’

“It has come to my attention that a police officer who led the gang that brutally assaulted me yesterday has been identified by name, and with even his picture being publicly circulated. I am disturbed by some calls to have him punished through violent attacks or beatings. I therefore hereby implore upon you, fellow Zimbabweans, to desist from attempting to revenge violence with violence.  We will not heal our nation nor create a better Zimbabwe through violence or an eye for an eye. I have already forgiven my assailants and will offer them a hand of peace.
It is my passionate hope and desire that we really manage to solve our national crisis through peaceful and orderly means. I believe we should expose perpetrators of violence and brutality, such as yesterday’s gang, but without using violence or any form of retribution. I desire for the agents of violence to be either reformed or removed from institutions such as the police force. A new Zimbabwe is possible through civil, peaceful and resolute means.”

It needs no speculation that soon enough Zimbabweans will rally behind this great man to protest peacefully on the streets against Mugabe and his government. Dzamara is the true exemplar of leadership. He leads by example, different from the typical Zimbabwean politicians who use nice sounding, big words to entice supporters, whilst wearing expensive Gucci suits and owning massive secret properties. Just as Socrates was to the city of Athens, Dzamara is to the country of Zimbabwe. He believes that he can change Zimbabwe not only by his example but by also changing Zimbabweans one person at a time, dispeling their fears and proving the relevance of the two powerful maxims, “GOOD PREVAILS IN THE END” and “BE FREE OR DIE.”

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