It’s Jah Prayzah’s big day at HICC

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It  is Jah Prayzah’s big day as he unveils his ninth album titled “Chitubu” at Harare International Conference Centre (HICC) tonight. He has made it a tradition to release an album every year and unveil it through a big launch. Big launches are part of his best marketing gimmicks. Over the past few years, Jah Prayzah’s album launches have drawn huge crowds.

Today’s event will be another test for the musician and he will be facing a sea of expectations. He is one of the crowd-pullers in the land and has set a high bar for himself through various projects.

Will “Chitubu” live up to the expectations? The answers will start coming tonight, although many listeners will obviously need some days to dissect the new package.

Speculations might be high but tonight’s event is all about celebration. It is an event to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in the Third Generation family.

The new baby will join its seniors namely “Rudo Nerunyararo”, “Sungano Yerudo”, “Ngwarira Kuparara”, “Tsviriyo”, “Kumbura Mhute”, “Jerusarema” and “Mudhara Vachauya”.

And it is most likely that the celebration will paint the HICC in various colours.

There is an exciting line-up of performers to celebrate with Jah Prayzah. The performers include Enzo Ishall, Killer T, Freeman, Seh Calaz, Fantan, Mbeu, Cocomaster and Bazooker.

Among the supporting acts, Enzo Ishall will be the man to watch. He is likely to spice the event in a big way as he comes to the party armed with current hit “Kanjiva”.

Jah Prayzah has expressed confidence in “Chitubu” and says it is an album that has been packaged to appeal to fans across generations. His manager Keen Mushapaidze  Mushapaidze said the album is a mixture of genres.

He said their music is dynamic and they will continue experimenting with various styles to appeal to wider audiences.

“People should understand that we cannot stick to one beat because we open our music to various influences and avenues. We have done various international collaborations and our music should reflect that exposure. There are many fans that enjoy the other side of our music besides the traditional flavour,” said Mushapaidze.

“Our aim is to have music that cuts across cultural and generation gaps so we will have variety on the album.

“However, the major point that Jah Prayzah wants to prove is that he has not abandoned his local market. He has not forgotten where he hails from. Those who want traditional beat will get their tracks on ‘Chitubu’. It is a fountain of good music.”

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