It’s time to walk the talk

In his message to workers on the eve of the Workers’ Day President Emmerson Mnangagwa said, and I quote “we must no longer merely survive, now is the time for us to blossom, thrive and prosper as a nation, as a people” and indeed as the Zanu PF Youth League we are confident that this will be a reality sooner than later.

President ED Mnangagwa has opened up Zimbabwe for investment, removing bottlenecks that impended economic growth and opening himself to public scrutiny and engagement with stakeholders. Every minister, civil servant and business should religiously complement the President’s efforts.

His leadership style is reflective and a constant reminder to the model of Servant Leadership, it is a style he executes so well and with brilliance that slowly, even the naysayers are now appreciating that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Unfortunately, while our President has been an exemplary leader, traversing the globe and almost abandoning his roles as a father, it is of major concern to us that some in civil service including some businesses are either sleeping on the job or they are pulling in the opposite direction.

We would like to call ministers, and other stakeholders in key sectors of the economic, be it service delivery or economic players to open up and appraise the nation on the progress they have made if any, and the challenges they face in executing their roles.

It is trite that the party is supreme to government, but, and worryingly so, some civil servants view the party with disdain and a condescending attitude, forgetting that they are in a Zanu PF Government.

We challenge ministers to open up, just as “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” and periodically inform the nation through various forms of the media what they will be doing, their failures and success.

They are some senior civil servants who are now living in the lap of luxury, smug in their comfort zones they forget the reason why they are in Government, sometimes such officials, declare reckless statements that sadly are not a reflection of the thinking in Zanu-PF or the President.

Yes, there are some public officials we are not even proud to associate with as the Zanu-PF Youth League, these people are in the habit of starting fires that they cannot douse, these people, soon, we will name and shame them and ask the party to recall them from whatever posts they are basking in.

We want accountability in all sectors and that should start in ministries that remain closed to public scrutiny and engagement even when the President himself is accessible.

The following sectors and players should update the nation periodically.

Energy in particular fuel sector
Food sector industry
Monetary Authorities
Anti Corruption
Justice System
Our people deserve better from all public and private institutions as both are designed to serve the people of Zimbabwe not the other way round. Some pronounce policies that are inconsistent with the President’s thrust to turn around the economy while others have become saboteurs to the President’s vision. That must stop now.

All those who receive foreign currency from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) should be audited and the results must be publicised.

Those who abuse the foreign currency allocation scheme should go to jail and banned from future allocations.

All those breaking the country’s laws should be brought to book. Violent characters and sponsors of anarchy should face the full wrath of law. Non governmental organisations sponsoring regime change should be banned immediately.

We cannot continue to be romantic with those interfering with our politics, leaving their mandate.

We would like to see all corrupt elements at whatever level going to jail whatever their social standing.

Parliament should also play its part and enact laws that protect the general public from economic saboteurs. We do not expect double standards from parliamentarians and any corrupt legislator has no role in the august House, but rather a place in Chikurubi.

MPs cannot expect good perks from Government while at the same time supporting sanctions that hurt the general public and Government, it is high time we enact laws that address the issue of sanctions and authors of Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA).

While we are appreciative of the liberalisation of the media and enjoyment of civic rights we are appalled by the abuse of the media especially the social media, which is causing unnecessary suffering among the people of Zimbabwe through misinformation.

At a major cost to the country’s image dangerous information is being spread and hurting national interests.

Equally, irresponsible media houses should be dealt in terms of the law. Because their actions or rather distortions are hurting the country especially its image and we cannot afford to stand akimbo while our Great Country is dented by surrogates of imperial powers.

Those playing politics of the stomach and also who are into rent-seeking should be stopped forthwith.

Licence of such businesses should fall while responsible players should be supported through licences and loans.

The time to confront those working against the President’s vision is now. We want answers now otherwise these purveyors of doom will destroy the hope created by the New Dispensation.

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