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Jail Trophy hunters like #WalterPalmer and #DonaldTrump who use their wealth to kill innocent animals like #CecilTheLion

There is no doubt that the death of Cecil the lion has created a worldwide protest about the actions of hunters.  These wealthy businessmen go in to Africa with the aim of exploiting the African people and wild life. Africa is so poor and desperate so the wealthy hunters use their wealth to plunder Africa, killing precious animals like Cecil the lion.

When and if they get caught a fine of $20,000 which is like buying a cup of coffee to them.  This fine should be raised to several million U.S. dollars  so it is a deterrent as well as a mandatory jail time in the country the offence took place in.

The land owner should also have his land taken and it be turned in to a game reserve for all to appreciate the wildlife.  There is no doubt that Walter Palmer will try to buy his way out with the backing of the National Rifle Association (Americas gun lobby) and the Safari Club International.  To date both these bodies cannot see what the problem is in hunting and the death of Cecil the lion.   So far Walter Palmer has said he will cooperate with authorities but despite attempts by the USA Fisheries and Wildlife  he is staying out of sight and has failed to contact them.
Cecil was shot and the guides would have known who he was and they could have called off the hunt at any time and called a vet in to try to save him.  But they continued the hunt and the result we know.  With a dwindling lion population the gene pool is getting smaller and smaller and it will not take long before weaker genes take control as what happened in Tanzania many years ago.
Let’s never forget the struggle these animals have just to survive.
Lindsay Fraser


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