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NOTORIOUS attention-seeker Mr Paddington Japajapa lived up to comical antics yesterday when he told the Commission of Inquiry into the August 1 shootings that he was an independent observer during the harmonised elections yet was railing against ZEC as an MDC-Alliance activist after losing the party’s primary polls.

Mr Japajapa, who claimed to be an evangelist, is an MDC-Alliance functionary known for vilifying the zanu-pf leadership and Government.

On August 1, Mr Japajapa told the media that he would cause chaos in the country to force the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to announce an MDC-Alliance win after the harmonised elections.

Paddington Japajapa testifies before the Commissioner on Inquiry in Harare yesterday. (Picture by Innocent Makawa)

The inflammatory statements led to his arrest in Gweru for allegedly inciting the political violence which rocked Harare on August 1, 2018.

He was then charged with contravening Section 36 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act, Chapter 9:23 through incitement to commit public violence but he denied the charges.

Allegations are that Mr Japajapa held a press conference at a time election results were being announced by Zec and threatened to call for chaos, claiming the elections had been rigged.

The video which captured Mr Japajapa making threats outside the Zec command centre went viral on social media.

This is the full statement of Mr Japajapa vitriolic utterances: “If people come to rallies, it means they appreciate the candidate, you cannot follow a candidate whom you cannot vote for. So, we are saying all those people who were coming, for example, in Mkoba, the stadium was full to capacity with more than 45 000 people.

“In Mutare I attended, in Masvingo I attended. Chamisa was pulling more than 30-40 000 and now we are seeing a different scenario altogether. So we are saying, as people of Zimbabwe, this is a watershed election, it’s a do or die. We are not going to accept this rubbish.

“Zec must do the right thing by announcing the proper results. Failure to do this as a leader of a civic organisation I am going to call for chaos in this country. We are not concerned about the consequences. We want the right thing to be done. And we are going to have an audit of this election and if there are any irregularities, I am sorry, as civic society organisations, we are not going to accept this rubbish.

“Uchingoona kubvira pane seven announced aya unotoona kuti maelections aya akutobirirwa kare, manyepo aya…”

In June 2013 H-Metro reported that Mr Japajapa was a prayer warrior and gave a testimony before the congregation in which the maverick activist said he believed the word of God has power to change life and the Holy Spirit convicts more than courts of law.

May 2013: Mr Japajapa castigated the MDC-T party’s leadership for its double standards after he was disqualified from representing the party in Warren Park constituency. He was challenging incumbent Engineer Elias Mudzuri, who was MDC-T standing committee member.

April 2013: MDC-T disqualified the Zimbabwe Indigenous Economic Empowerment Organisation president from contesting in the party primary elections because of his beliefs in zanu-pf-initiated empowerment schemes meant to empower black people.

January 2012: The Dancers’ Association of Zimbabwe president” backed Francis “Slomo” Dhaka decision to join Sulumani Chimbetu.

January 2011—Japajapa quit his position as DAZ chairperson citing the organisation was becoming a nuisance in his life.

Still in the same month, two female dancers fought each other and were alleged to be his sparring girlfriends. They fought for hegemony over Mr Japajapa in a typical “the boy is mine” fashion.

November 2010: Mr Japajapa appeared at the Harare Magistrates’ Court as a complainant in a theft case that occurred in his salon. Learnmore Zaranyika was accused for stealing a hair cutter worth US$150 from Japajapa’S salon.

October 2010: Mr Japajapa opened Dance Groups Association of Zimbabwe, as a mission aimed to change the misconception that dance groups are champions of immoral activities such as strip tease and prostitution.

In 2006: Mr Japajapa demanded $132 million from Harare City Council after the local authority towed away and allegedly damaged his vehicle, which, they said, was illegally parked.

Still in the same year Mr Japajapa was arrested on allegations of seriously injuring a security guard he accused of stealing his empty opaque beer container (scud).

 May 2005: Mr Japajapa was issued with a warrant of arrest following his failure to turn up in court as required. He was facing charges of contravening the Legal Practitioners Act.

January 2003: Mr Japajapa was fined $15 000 for attacking three dental clinic workers at Parirenyatwa Hospital. He assaulted the clinic staff and threatened to shoot them.

November 2002: Mr Japajapa was among other candidates who submitted their names to contest in the Kuwadzana primary election when the position became vacant after the death of incumbent legislator Mr Learnmore Jongwe.

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