Joice Mujuru faces arrest. Watch President Mugabe’s speech here

VICE President Joice Mujuru will be prosecuted if allegations of corruption and abuse of office levelled against her are proved, President Mugabe has said.
Officially opening the 6th Zanu-PF National People’s Congress in Harare yesterday, President Mugabe also warned that ministers, their deputies and senior civil servants implicated in corrupt activities face the same fate.

VP Mujuru and her cabal – Cdes Didymus Mutasa and Nicholas Goche – were not among the 12 000 delegates who thronged the giant marquee at the Robert Mugabe Square for the congress.

Watch the video below

“Vakaita mhosva chaidzo chaidzo dzecorruption hwabuda humbowo hwakanaka, vachatongwa. Ruzivo rwatinenge tapihwa kana wanga uri minister, civil servant, basa rinobva rapera. Tipei humbowo hwakakwana,” President Mugabe said, to loud cheers and applause from jubilant delegates.

President Mugabe narrated how the First Lady, Amai Grace Mugabe, and the Women’s League begged him in 2004 to elevate VP Mujuru to the vice presidency only for her to betray their trust through corruption and an insatiable desire for power.

Listen to the speech below

“As you can see there are empty seats up here, where are some of our top leaders? We did not chase them away. We wanted them to come so you hear what they have to say. They just stayed away without telling us the reason why they would not come. That is how thieves behave, thieves, thieves . . . you recommended (VP Mujuru)  saying she was of impeccable character but look at the sins from extorting companies, gold, diamonds, they are just numerous),” he said.

He added: “If all allegations against her were to be documented, I do not know how many books they would fill?”

VP Mujuru’s illegal dealings, among them extorting shareholding from companies, demanding 10 percent bribes, illiict gold and diamond dealings, were exposed by Amai Grace Mugabe and extensively covered by The Herald and its sister papers, The Sunday Mail and The Chronicle.

Turning to his prepared speech, President Mugabe strongly criticised VP Mujuru’s unpatriotic behaviour.

“What boggles the mind is why anyone claiming to be a cadre, cooked in the crucible of struggle, would hobnob with such politics. Why? Why? Why? We raise you in the struggle, grant you leadership, build your stature, impart consequence to your person, often against your intrinsic worth. Instead of recognising all these efforts, you turn against the party and the President! Today the people reject you, spit you out, push you into the arms of the very opposition you sided with,” he said.

VP Mujuru stands accused of covertly working with the MDC-T towards the July 31 elections to cause the demise of Zanu-PF.

“I never thought a true cadre of the revolution would decay to that level. When you desert your own comrades, desert the ideals of your own revolution, abandon principles that mobilised you for the struggle, commit the infamy of joining quislings, you suffer the fate of quislings. The people will reject you,” President Mugabe said.

He said the inclusive Government saw some Zanu-PF officials secretly working with MDC formations against the goals of the liberation struggle.

“For within our midst, were some who had long deserted positions and posts to which the party had deployed them, who had found new friends in enemies of the party. These culprits had covertly teamed up with elements within MDC formations, often with support of hostile foreign countries who relished the opportunity of breaking Zanu-PF from within. This treacherous cabal went against the party, went against resolutions of successive annual people’s conferences which called for harmonised elections as soon as these fell due,” said President Mugabe.

President Mugabe said leaders are custodians of the values of the party.

“When they fail these same values they are entrusted to keep, they disqualify themselves, thereby going one way: down, down and down to the dust. Spat out like dark gobble, spat out by the party.”

On the economic front, President Mugabe highlighted the importance of the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim-Asset) in ensuring a successful turnaround.

“Our detractors wait for a major din in the cosmos to mark a beginning to the implementation of Zim-Asset. Today we invite them to listen to their full stomachs for them to know that greater food security and nutrition is already being realised through sustained agricultural effort which gave us an all-round bumper harvest in the last season. Already this is key cluster under Zim-Asset has taken off, and is set to be consolidated in the current agricultural season which is already upon us.

“I am aware that the input distribution programme is already underway, and weather permitting, we should be able to celebrate another bumper harvest, while speeding up the development of national irrigation capacity, extension and mechanisation,” he said.

He noted the rehabilitation of the Plumtree-Harare-Mutare Highway saying focus was now on the remaining trunk roads including the Beitbridge-Chirundu Highway.

“We are also tackling various infrastructure projects including key utilities and amenities. The energy sector is witnessing a hive of activities by way of new projects which should enhance power generation. Many more infrastructural projects are in the offing, and should see more jobs being created in the economy.”


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