Jonso sells his soul to the devil

Prosperity Mzila Correspondent
Not to put words in his mouth, in 2016, self-exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo had this to say on the issue of sanctions:
“All levels of the alleged incidences of intimidation are heaped on ZANU-PF, what greater intimidation is there than a leader of an opposition party supported by some powerful country in the world calling on a powerful neighbour to cut off electricity, to cut off fuel and transport links. Is that not intimidation especially if this person claims he is in cahoots with workers in this country, is that not intimidation?

“Is it not intimidation if the people that want to govern in this country sit down with legislators in America to write a law which they call the Zimbabwe Democracy Bill, is that not intimidation? They want to allow foreign legislators to make laws in advance of our elections, telling people vote this way, that way or we will slap these sanctions on you. Is that a  fair tactic by the one superpower to make these kind of laws for other countries?

“Has that superpower become the United Nations (UN), even if it were the UN, does the UN have jurisdiction to make laws for other countries?  Is that not intimidation? Fifteen powerful European countries slapping so-called smart sanctions which at the end of the day are very foolish if you look at them but clearly intimidatory . . .”

At the time Prof Moyo, frothing in the mouth, spoke against the sanctions and their intimidatory nature and how they hinder the progress of this nation.

His present complete turnaround on the issue of sanctions has exposed him to be a fake, avaricious individual and has seriously dented his credibility.  If sanctions had a crippling effect back then when he was still in Government, same still stands even today.  His stance to attack Strive Masiyiwa for calling for an end to sanctions is evidence that Jonathan Moyo will say anything for anyone if the pay cheque is just right.

Closer scrutiny reveals that Prof Moyo will partner the devil if his pay cheque is right. He has no allegiances, no permanent friends and could even slap his wife if he is paid a million dollars to do so.  It has become evident that Jonathan Moyo who was once a respected man has no principles and does not care much about the damage to his character, which has become synonymous with being a cheap political prostitute, being a devil’s advocate and stateless.  Therefore, saying that the Prof is a political turncoat is putting it mildly; he has literally sold his soul to the devil.

Prof Moyo has made it his daily bread to throw obscenities at Econet founder and chairman of Econet Wireless Strive Masiyiwa for standing out and calling for the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe. How does he make it his mission to attack Masiyiwa for calling for exactly the same thing he himself called for almost three years back?  Commonsense would have us think Prof Moyo would appreciate some backing vocalists to his song for the removal of sanctions.

On witnessing the democratic space and processes that led to the July 30 elections and the free and fair playing field for the elections, not only did Strive Masiyiwa pledge his support for President Mnangagwa and also for the sanctions to be lifted to give Zimbabwe a chance to grow its economy.

In his words Strive said: “The sanctions are strangling Government efforts to turn around the economy and better the lives of its citizenry.  No country can prosper with its hands tied to its back.”

For this statement some delusional people on social media platforms decided to turn their back on the philanthropic work that Masiyiwa’s HigherLife Foundation has done in promoting many people to become doctors, engineers, accountants, technicians and lawyers through offering scholarships.  Most recently, Masiyiwa sponsored US$10 million to fight cholera where many more people would have died.  It is very true that it’s now time to focus on economics than politics.

Just after elections the United States, at the instigation of Todd Moss, a senior fellow at the Centre for Global Development, who had been prompted by the MDC Alliance’s Tendai Biti, strengthened its position on the sanctions position.

In his own words, Moss said: “The United States of America should be extremely cautious and stick to the ZIDERA amendment of 2018, that provides a roadmap to economic recovery that does not make the US and other donors complicity to preserving the status quo. Until ZIDERA criteria are met, the USA (must) hold back support for debt relief and new loans.”

How does Prof Moyo change from his stance of 2016 against sanctions to supporting sanctions as articulated by Moss in 2018, unless of course he is selling his soul to the highest bidder?  Zimbabwe still remains the same, ZANU-PF is still in power, albeit more democratic under the New Dispensation.  It boggles the mind how sanctions become Masiyiwa’s issue, that he should be cyber bullied together with his wife on social media.  Jonathan Moyo has become too cheap and has lost respect.

The owner of Alpha Media Holdings Trevor Ncube, leader of the MDC-T Thokozani Khupe and her party spokesperson Linda Masarira, MDC-T vice president Obert Gutu and Member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa have also not been spared for applauding President ED Mnangagwa’s policies and also calling for the removal of sanctions.  Their call for President Mnangagwa to be given a chance to turn the economy around has been met with vicious attacks from Jonathan Moyo and other MDC-Alliance leaders and supporters, such as Charlton Hwende and Biti on social media.

It is disappointing, however, to note that the above-mentioned people have done so much for Zimbabwe as a nation.  Acknowledging also that the only way that Zimbabwe can move forward is to put politics behind and contribute towards rebuilding our nation.

Source : The Herald

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