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Kagame exposes ‘lying’ Chamisa

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has exposed Zimbabwean opposition leader Nelson Chamisa for lying that he helped him with the ICT policy.

Chamisa told a rally last week that he met Kagame in Geneva and the East African nation’s President was impressed with his clarity of ideas on ICT matters.

However, Kagame came to twitter to set the record straight saying he doesn’t even know Chamisa.

This was after a phathom social media character @matigary tagged him.

“I don’t know this man & no discussion ever happened with him anywhere.

“Rw’s ICT policy, projects & progrm started before mdc formation and politics!

Kagame conclided by wishing “the people of Zim well!”

Addressing supporters at a campaign rally in Beitbridge Saturday, Chamisa – who was ICT minister in the former coalition government – said he had helped the Rwandese leader turn his country around.

“Look what my brother Paul Kagame (Rwandan leader) is doing for his country,” he told the cheering supporters.

“I helped him on his ICT policy, on how to turn around the country when we met in Geneva, Switzerland and he was happy with my presentation.

“He (Kagame) asked and enquired about me from former president Robert Mugabe and he told him that I belonged to his party Zanu PF, but I told him (Kagame) there and there that I belong to MDC party led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

“So Kagame is doing a wonderful his job for his country because he started his planning from a local level and, because of that, Rwanda has never been the same; it has changed completely.”

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