‘Kanjiva’ Video Divides Opinion

By Tafadzwa Zimoyo

It is that time of the year when most social debates revolve around annual music charts.

Various radio stations and ZBCTV rolled out their lists of top songs for 2018, which have sparked numerous debates as usual.

This season’s hottest debate has been sparked by Enzo Ishall’s “Kanjiva” video that was voted the best on Coca-Cola Top 50 charts on ZBCTV.

Most people agreed that the song is popular and did well in 2018, but the same cannot be said about its video.

It appears people’s votes were inspired by the popularity of the song, not quality of the video. And because it amassed most votes, “Kanjiva” became video of the year despite its poor quality.

However, other music followers were adamant that “Kanjiva” video deserved the honour because it is a video about a dance style and people on the video aptly display the dance called “kanjiva”.

Sponsors of the show have always insisted that they go with what comes out of votes as a reflection of popularity. Maybe there is need for a change in the criteria. It works for audio’s, but cannot be equally applicable to choice of good videos as noted by one international producer interviewed by The Herald.

The local videographer who has worked on with big stars in Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa said he was shocked by the selection of “Kanjiva” as the top video.

“Please do not publish my name. I do not want to spoil relations that I have with some people behind the charts. I think the organisers of the show did not fully tell the public what they would be looking for and they made it a general vote for best video. It’s not people’s fault. They should have been told about the qualities to look for in a best video. Videos should match standards by the way. I can’t determine which one should be the best video but videos like ‘Dzamutsana’, ‘Mebo’, ‘Tsvigiri’ and ‘The Reason Why’ among others are far much better than ‘Kanjiva’. The charts should inspire artistes to come up with creative videos,” he said.

An official from the show said their selection is justified because it goes according to the criteria. “For television people were asked to vote by sending messages in the format tv#video#video#video# to 0778230493. The messages were received by the computer server, which is able to count votes. This server is kept at Multimedia offices and everything in the process is computerised, leaving no room for tempering. So, what came in the charts is reflective of the votes,” said the official.

Source : The Herald

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