Lady Tshawe starts own online talk show

Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe

Nkosilesisa Ncube, Sunday Life Reporter
From poet to musician to actress and most recently to talk show host, Lady Tshawe just keeps evolving as an artiste. Her online talk show, Not So Funny premiered last Monday and had by midweek reached over 3000 views.

Not So Funny is a satire talk show that addresses day to day issues that affect ordinary people. She takes on a spoofing tone on these issues, giving her opinion on each of these issues.

On the premiere episode, Tshawe poked light hearted fun at the Stunner and Olinda situation, the Warriors’ line up at the Africa Cup of Nations earlier this year and the general conduct of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

The 27-minute talk show is made up of three segments: during the first segment Tshawe discusses everyday issues, in the second segment, she invites a studio guest and does a short interview with the guest and in the last segment Tshawe and the guest go over events that have recently occurred.

In this particular episode, fashionista and public relations consultant Gilmore Tee was the studio guest for the inaugural episode and as always was his “no holds barred” self.

In what positively seemed like Fashion Police meets the Wendy Williams Show, conversation between Gilmore and Tshawe went from the Nobuntu and Black Umfolosi concert held last week to fashion at last month’s NAMA awards at which point Gilmore had a lot to say about fashion at the awards show.

“I love Noma. I won’t take that away from her. I love the designer who did the outfit but the dress was horrible. At one point, I thought she was going to take off as a parrot, she looked like a parrot from Australia waiting to take off,” said Gilmore of songbird Nkwali’s outfit at the awards show.

However, moving forward, it would be nice if Tshawe’s jokes were more original than they were on the premiere episode. She made reference to an Oprah Winfrey joke that has been a meme on social media for a while now. Her rant about the Warriors was also not the most original, it sounded like a regurgitated Whatsapp joke.


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