Land Compensations Will Guarantee Investments – CFU

The decision to compensate white former farmers for improvements made on land is not only a clear demonstration of Government’s respect of the rule of law, the Constitution and property rights, but also a signal to investors that their investments are safe, Commercial Farmers Union President Mr Andrew John Pascoe said.

Mr Pascoe observed that the signing of the agreement was a huge indication of the commitment to executing the promises President Mnangagwa made at the advent of the Second Republic and it added impetus to the drive to make the country a middle class income by 2030.

Speaking in Kanyemba last Friday during Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s visit, Mr Pascoe said it was important that compensation is paid to the farmers. He said those involved in agriculture understood that it takes a huge amount of investment to make agriculture work.

“That kind of investment takes many years to recover. For such investments to be made there must be fundamentals about respect of rule of law and property rights,” he said.

“The signing of the agreement is a bonus to those who lost land during the land reform programme.

“The huge benefit will come back to our nation through fundamentals that enable investments to be ploughed back into the country.

“Government is looking at measures to stop the externalisation of foreign currency. I am Zimbabwean and I don’t want to use my money elsewhere. I want to use it here and I think most people are like that. But when there is fear that we might lose our investments or might not survive the economic challenges, people make other plans.”

He added that it was encouraging to note that after so many years of conflict, the country had turned a corner and people were working together.

“The Bible says where there is unity, God commands blessings and where there is unity there is strength. The signing of the agreement, the process that led to the compensation and the re-engagement is a demonstration that Zimbabweans are working together and we have chosen to put the past behind us,” said Mr Pascoe.

“For the first time in our history we are in a position where we can work together and make Zimbabwe great again. With a little external help we can see huge transformation. I am excited and grateful to come along and witness what is happening in Kanyemba as we lay the foundation.”

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