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Harare lawyer, cleric and academic Innocent Maja has launched a new publication titled Supernatural Manifestations in which he demystifies the subject of the Holy Spirit – itself a controversy especially among non-Pentecostals – and how it operates in believers’ lives.


Speaking to NewsDay Life & Style on the sidelines of the launch held last week, Maja said Christians should develop a personal relationship with God, rather than mainly rely on prophets and pastors.

The senior pastor of I Am Fellowship International Church, who is also a University of Zimbabwe lecturer, said lack of understanding of how the Holy Spirit works within the church prompted him to write the book.

“I thought of compiling this book after realising that the Holy Spirit was being mystified. It goes to the ordinary Christians so that they don’t depend solely on pastors or prophets for transformation. It demystifies what the Holy Spirit is thereby helping believers to develop personal relationships with God,” he said.

He said the book also dealt with prophecy, healing and deliverance and other “practical issues.”

Lawyer and motivational speaker Arthur Marara implored the audience at the launch to develop a reading culture to experience spiritual growth.

“We need to develop a reading culture. There is no way a church can grow if we don’t read. We rush to buy anointing oils and wrist bands but can’t reach for a single Christian book. I urge you to read. We are not going to grow unless we master the art of reading,” he said.

Former Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Luxon Zembe said people should be conscious of what they read and not just read for the sake of reading.

“We have been challenged to read and the question is, what do you read? We should not just read. The way we live our lives should reflect something. Let’s not just read it as a novel, we need to transform ourselves,” he said.

The senior pastor of Harvest House Harare, Chemani Tuturu stressed the importance of recording prophetic messages.

“The discipline of writing is very important. It’s critical that we record things that the heavens would have downloaded to us. It’s a serious dishonour to God for preachers to fail to note down on a tablet what God would have revealed to them,” he said.

First copies of the book were auctioned for $770.

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