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Stop-overs are common and necessary for many travellers. Long journeys are exhausting and resting becomes a basic need.

For those travelling along the Harare-Kariba highway, there is one place that makes a comfortable and relaxing stop-over. It is called Orange Grove Motel.

Many tourists that visit Lake Kariba from many places further than Harare will be tempted to pass through Chinhoyi Caves for majestic natural view of the dark caves and the mysterious pool at their centre.

That is why most tourists and travellers prefer getting a rest in Chinhoyi. It makes business sense for travelers to hit Lake Kariba and Chinhoyi Caves at one go.

And it seems Orange Grove Motel was made with that idea in mind. It provides a good refreshing place.

But the motel was not meant to be a stop-over facility only. It is a perfect accommodation place for anyone visiting the Mashonaland West capital.

It stands out as one of the best accommodation facilities in the town.

So, when The Traveler decided to make a stop-over at the Orange Grove Motel on his way to Kariba, the temptation to have more nights in Chinhoyi was inevitable.

Initially, The Traveller – after a long journey from Chiredzi – wanted to just spend one night in Chinhoyi and proceed to Kariba for an anticipated cool-off on the shores of the lake. But things changed when Orange Grove Motel offered its hospitality.

The professional staff, unique ambiance, good food and comfortable room tempted The Traveller to spend another night at the Motel.

The urge to visit Mazvikadei Resort near Chinhoyi for the umpteenth time was irresistible. The Traveller does not see anything bad in visiting Mazvikadei for many times, but this time the unplanned tour of resort was necessitated by the desire to spend another night at Orange Grove.

The anticipated brief stop-over became a two-night stay. Sometimes holiday is not about the place you visit. It is about how that place receives you. The hospitality and good environment.

Orange Grove pavilion decorated for an event

The Traveller discovered that Orange Grove Motel is not just another road-side accommodation facility for people in transit.

It is an ideal refreshing place that is central for travellers that want a memorable night rest or tourists keen to have a base for visits to Chinhoyi Caves and Mazvikadei Resort.

Situated just across Muzari River after Chinhoyi city centre, the facility has an exceptional view. Indigenous tall thorny trees spread evenly from the river towards the Motel, providing a bushy area that has been manicured to provide attractive shades.

At the reception, smiling staff guests and make undoubted promises for a good hospitality.

A professional assistant is always there to accompany guests to their rooms. The rooms are divided into two clusters – executive and standard.

The Traveller chose an executive room for maximum comfort. Indeed that comfort was guaranteed. The big lounge, spacious bedroom, big television set, nice fridge and sparkling bathroom made an equation of satisfaction.

Room service is just a few seconds away. A single call to that department brings fast and convenient service.

On the last night, we had a chat with the Motel’s resident manager Rosemary Poshai who shed a bit of light on the facilities and services offered.

“Orange Grove became a subsidiary of CUT Hotels in 2014.

“We offer accommodation facilities, conferencing as well as recreational facilities. We have a capacity of 42 comfortable rooms which are being revamped to a higher level,” she said.

“In addition we offer an exciting sumptuous alacarte menu and  a wide selection of buffet menus which include authentic Zimbabwean traditional cuisine. The beverage offering is extensive with exquisite imported whiskies, wines, and beers.

“We also have recreational facilities on site, which include, a swimming pool, caravan park, picnic site and a gym.

“This is capped by capable, friendly staff. Orange Grove is an SBU of Chinhoyi University of Technology with a dual mandate of training as well as operating as a fully-fledged motel.”

Her words were just on point. Orange Grove Motel is a groove of exceptional leisure.

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