Let’s cherish the peace in our country

When President Mnangagwa came into office, he said his office is open for everyone to air their views or grievances and contribute to a better Zimbabwe.

The President also launched the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and called all political players to dialogue which seeks to bring unity among political players and chart the way forward for the country.

Dialogue is in line with the President’s call after assuming office for unity and common purpose towards restoring Zimbabwe to its former glory and beyond, but it is sad to see opposition and activists running away from dialogue in pursuit of personal interests ahead of national interest.

Zimbabweans like the Tajamukas must know that these so called stay-aways are not good for our country as they engender a culture of violence and inhuman behaviour. They are not necessary as a means to anything. Dialogue is the solution.

In a move that showed unity of purpose among Zimbabweans on Monday people around the country ignored calls by shadowy organisations to stay away from work. President Mnangagwa also said demonstrations were not in the best interest of the country. He urged unity, as it is a recipe for economic prosperity.

Some organisations linked to the opposition were posting messages across social media platforms urging Zimbabweans to “stay away” and warning of dire consequences for citizens who were going to ignore the call and report for duty.

Zimbabweans must remember that strike does not necessarily mean to demonstrate along our streets. In this regard anyone who organises, incites or invites members of the public to engage in any form of disturbances should be prepared to face the consequences.

The call for stay-away by the Tajamuka leader Promise Mkwananzi while hiding in South Africa was appalling, unfortunate, retrogressive and totally unacceptable in peaceful Zimbabwe. The representatives of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions gave many excuses to the extent of condoning these unproductive and destructive acts. Illegal demonstrations in any form are a serious problem and a disorder that affects all well meaning Zimbabweans and only serve those with misguided and misplaced motives.

It is important to make it clear that all people have a right to life, all citizens deserve to be treated with respect and to be accorded their rights as enshrined in the country’s Constitution. There is no smooth side or painless side to violence and there is no better or worse violence because all perpetrators of the vile acts walk the same line in the eyes of the victims and recipients of these vile acts.

These so called stay-aways and shutdowns have taught us hard lessons. This year people lost millions worth of properties as well as human life due to the demonstrations that turned to be violent.

Violence of any sort must never be tolerated and a line must be drawn to bring perpetrators to book and face the consequences of their despicable behaviour. Excusing such shameful acts of violence and destruction is not far from partaking in them.

Violent and destructive afflictions bear the same revulsion whether carried in the name of peaceful protest or not. We have grown to expect this type of behaviour from the opposition and it really comes as no surprise.

Whatever grievances we might have; Zimbabweans should not forget our past history. The white minority rule was very oppressive to Africans.

It is a shock to note that the Tajamukas of this world are dining with the former colonisers expecting money. It’s not like that. They are after causing uncertainty in a peaceful country like Zimbabwe. They thrive on chaos. They want to loot our resources while we are fighting each other.

Look at what is happening in other countries such as Sudan, Mali, Libya, Nigeria, and DRC among others.

The fact that the liberation struggle brought much awaited freedom, peace and independence to Zimbabweans, should not excite others to destroy the hard won gains. Liberation brought the sense of belonging and dignity to our people and we should safeguard our country from jaws of former colonisers.

The opposition exhausts its energy and uninformed criticism of Government and ZANU-PF.

The campaigners for violence must be brought to book.

Zimbabwe’s peaceful existence cannot be undermined by the actions of deranged thugs who will do anything for a few pieces of silver. This peace we enjoy must never be taken for granted and the law enforcement officials must use any means necessary to prese

rve and protect our peaceful way of life.

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