Let’s use liberation ethos to grow economy

As Zimbabwe marks Heroes Day today, it is important for all of us to remember that we have a duty to move forward the revolution, especially in ensuring that our country prospers.

It is time to ask each other probing questions on what we are contributing to the development of the country, so that we do not let down those who sacrificed for independence.

Heroes’ Day is about the men and women who sacrificed their lives, families, education and all the necessities of life in their quest for the independence of this country. Their sacrifices were beyond imagination, and just how many of us today can answer to such a call?

Perhaps very few would dare, if they were to be given an opportunity to embark on such a life-changing sacrifice. We thank those who gave their lives and everything to the liberation of the country, their heroics will remain etched in our minds. But it is not enough to shower praises on the heroes, if we do not introspect on where we stand today with regards to our love for the country.

The burden is now on us all to fulfil the desires of our heroes, both departed and living, who envisaged a prosperous society in which everyone has the chance to play their part in economic development.

We are thankful that the New Dispensation led by President Mnangagwa is at the forefront of restoring the country to the liberation ethos of creating a Zimbabwe that is prosperous and thriving.

Our heroes, whom we are celebrating today, will forever remain troubled if we do not take advantage of the conditions being created by President Mnangagwa’s administration for us to participate in the economic emancipation of the country.

The liberation war heroes fought for political independence in the hope that once people were free, economic development would take off. The emphasis is no longer on politics, but on economics and uplifting of the people from poverty.

The liberation war heroes achieved our political aspirations, and now it is our duty to give them the ultimate honour by working tirelessly towards economic development. The country needs more heroes in the form of innovators who can come up with solutions to developmental problems.

Our universities and colleges should produce graduates that perpetuate the liberation war ethos through coming up with technological advances that uplift the country through industrialisation and modernisation.

The theme for this year’s Heroes Day celebrations — “Lest we forget” — is the most appropriate and in line with the country’s aspirations.

It challenges us not to forget the works of our liberation war heroes, but most importantly not to forget the lessons we can learn from their heroics and dedication.

Guns went silent in 1980, but the war continues in a new sphere — that of the economy where each one of us should be proud to play their part.

It is then important for Zimbabweans from their different affiliations to unite when it comes to pushing the economic agenda. Unity is one of the life lessons that we should take from the heroes we are celebrating today, otherwise they could not have achieved their goals.

Those who pursue their own agendas at the expense of economic development should start questioning the rationality of such a path. The patriotism shown by our liberation heroes should cascade to the younger generation to safeguard the future of our country.

But in all this, the heroes we are celebrating today provide a yardstick for the ultimate sacrifice which the younger generation should emulate. Dubious characters who pretend to have the aspirations of the country at heart, but working against progress during the night have no place in modern-day Zimbabwe.

Such types of people are plenty in the opposition, especially the MDC-Alliance whose leaders live under the misguided thinking that sabotaging economic progress will work for them come elections.

We urge those in the opposition to come to their senses and realise that economic progress is a continuation of the liberation struggle and it calls for sacrifices and commitment.

Throwing spanners into the economic revival efforts with the hope of failure will not work.

This was not what our heroes had in mind when they committed themselves to fighting the liberation struggle to get rid of the white minority government which suppressed the economic potential of the majority.

Source : The Herald

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