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List of #Zimbabwe Prophet Magaya’s fake miracles and prophecies

Shortly before police arrested him on allegations of raping a university student, PHD ministries leader, Walter Magaya, told his followers on Friday that some top politicians and government officials were plotting to silence him through trumped up charges.

His arrest, detention and bail hearing was immediately the main subject of social media conversations, bar talk and gossip with some Zimbabweans coining phrases that linked Magaya to convicted rapists like Robert Gumbura and Munyaradzi Kereke.

“Magaya aGumbura nekuraper munhu wemuKereke,”read one of the phrases as others photoshopped pictures of Magaya in a church, purportedly with the girl who is laying the rape charges on the church leader.

These are some of the social media reactions to the Magaya saga.

For a man who is not new to controversy as illustrated in the graphic below, his claims there were politicians behind his arrest evoked memories of his earlier statements – which if summed up

Because in 2014, Magaya ‘prophesied’ that Zimbabwe was going to witness good economic fortunes and appealed to people to give the then just re-elected Zanu PF govermment a chance.
Two years down the line, Magaya ‘prophesied’chaos in Zimbabwe, and was also in the middle of a storm after initially claiming that government’s plans to introduce bond notes as a last ditch attempt to address the crippling cash was a bad idea.

Two weeks later, he was to be quoted saying the bond notes were ‘a noble idea which was communicated in a wrong way.’

He also paid $50 000 for a book written by First Lady Grace Mugabe.


“Someone is praying for Zimbabwe: things will not remain the same after tonight,” declared Prophet Magaya


Speaking to journalists during his men’s all-night prayer at his Waterfalls church, Magaya, who during the start of the year “prophesied” economic recovery, said patience was now required for the long-suffering Zimbabweans to start enjoying a better life.

“It does not happen overnight. I know that people are unemployed and the economy is not performing well, but what is needed is patience. We have to wait on the Lord. He is the one with the answer,” he said.

Magaya said with the Zanu PF internal political fights now seemingly over, government’s effort should be directed at creating jobs and improving the economy.

“Last year, yes they were trying to put their house in order. I am talking about the ruling Zanu PF. I think they will now concentrate on the economy. We are going to enjoy relative peace and this should help us attract investors to Zimbabwe. I see the rise of Zimbabwe from there. But we need unity and patience as a nation,” he said.


“I gave a prophecy two weeks ago about things happening in South Africa right now. I said more violence would happen in Southern Africa than at any other time. The leaders must use their church leaders to calm down the violence.”

Magaya’s warnings come as Zimbabweans have become increasingly restive and taken to the streets and other platforms to demand good governance, an end to corruption and improvement in the economy.

South Africa holds crucial local government elections next month, while a Renamo insurgency is brewing in Mozambique, with some of that country’s citizens reportedly seeking refuge in Zimbabwe.

“So there is going to be more violence everywhere,” Magaya said ominously.


Responding to questions from journalists during his midweek church service, Magaya said radical changes were needed to avert a worsening economic crisis in the next five years.

“If we do not quickly call upon those with better minds to assist and create good policies and measures of enhancing the economy and continue in the same way we are today, for sure we will go into the red,” he said.

“But, as a prophet, where we are as Zimbabwe? What we have as Zimbabwe can give us a chance to have a transformation within six months.”

6 May 2016

“As I prophesied at the beginning of the year that some of the events will be repeated, so it’s coming to pass. so given this, I would say economists of the country must re-visit some of these things,”

25 May 2016

My take is that (introduction of bond notes) it’s a noble idea which was communicated in a wrong way. This is a purely monetary issue and must not be politicised. Bond notes are just like coupons which will be given to exporters as incentives for bringing money into the country,”


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