Lockdown – Kazembe Defends Police Who Are Demanding Proof of Exemption

Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe says the public should not complain about lockdown requirements being demanded by police at check-points or road-blocks as the law enforcement agents were mandated to enforce compliance with the regulations.

Government recently put up a raft of measures to make sure people adhered to the laws and penalise those who are found on the wrong side of the regulations.

During a post-cabinet media briefing on Tuesday, Kazembe defended police officers who demanded different laid down requirements such as masks and proof that one is an essential service provider.

“Police are there to ensure compliance with regulations prescribed in the statutory instruments with regards to the lockdown

“It is very clear, in Order (5), (one) is permitted by this order to leave his or her home to any public space must wear a face mask. Even if you are in your car, when you talk to the police, obviously you are going to open your window and by so doing, you are already in a public space, you should be wearing your mask,” said Kazembe.

The minister also spoke about the conditions of the lockdown extension.

“What this extension entails was basically an extension of the period and an extension of the category of essential services providers which now includes the formal traders etc… but for other regulations and requirements, they still stand. So you still have to prove to the police officer that you are indeed an essential provider,” the minister highlighted.

The minister said many people were querying why police officers were demanding all requirements stated in the Statutory Instrument 99 when the lockdown regulations had been relaxed.

Meanwhile, police report that more than 26 000 offenders have been brought to book to date.

Police warned that anyone who breaks the rules will be arrested as the country’s Covid-19 cases continue to increase.

As of Monday, confirmed cases of the disease had reached 37 with four fatalities and 12 recoveries.

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