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LOL Love Letters from the 90s, “KISS THIS 1000 TIMES BEFORE YOU OPEN” #nigeria #zimbabwe #kenya #ghana #southafrica

I want to take you back to the 90s, how love letters were written!
Tea needs sugar
Bees need honey
And I need you
Amicable my Tropical Rainforest.
First and faremost,I want to give my
EVERSHARP 15M a big hug for its
opportunity to vomit on this piece of
paper. Having got this glorious
opportunity, I would like to say how
are you chewing the flames of
At this juncture,I have briefly stopped
reading my books just to tell you how
much you make my heart jump
Mount Everest.I love u more than 100%
You are the chocolate that has
chocolated all the chocolates on the
world Baby. I love you like Hitler love
to Germany. Babie I didn’t know that
angels could fly so low. You are so
beautiful like the Pythagoras theorem,
(Me squared times You squared =
Love squared)
When I saw you, my heart ran to the
sun and came back. Babie was your
father a carpenter, because you were
made so beautiful. Our love is so
good like the electric train that
produces no smoke. You were created
on Gods off day when he had time
and energy from heated atoms. You
are the sherbet of my heart.
Anyway I really have to pen off now.I
wish you all the best in your life and
don’t forget that I love you so much.
1.K C and Jojo – All My Life
2.Brenda Fassie – Wedding Day
3.Kanda Bongo Man – Hindemoni
4.chitekete- leonard dembo
Wako akatendeka

Dickson aka Lazy Dick

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