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Lovely Rue Nzira Social Media Story Teller and Motivational Author

Background: Born as Faith Chiwara, Lovely Rutendo Nzira is my pen name. I am aged 36 years now and a mother of two girls.
Profession: I have a Diploma in Education and a Degree in Nutrition Science.
I run Tridamos Training Company for Corporate Trainings and Christian Conferences and Community Feeding Scheme.
I believe in women empowerment and strong family foundations.
I preach the gospel of drawing people nearer to God.
Life experiences: I am the first born in a family of four girls; I took care of my siblings at young age after the death of our parents.
As a child I would read Shona Novels to my grandparents, and they would tell me Ngano, and family history. I believe that’s how I started the love for writing.
Most of my spare time is spent on creative writing, and now counselling people on Facebook and WhatsApp groups who share their experiences with me.
Church responsibilities: I attend ZAOGA Forward in Faith Ministries Agape Worship Centre in Namibia. I am a Preacher and Bible Study Teacher and Secretary for Ladies Ministry.
Character: I am a very strong willed person who is not easily shaken by negative things. My strength is found in my trust in Jesus Christ and all that He represents. I easily forgive and move on.

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