Mabvazuva Village: Leisure from the East

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There is a certain nostalgia about the village that people who grew up in the countryside always have.

Those images of round huts puffing out smoke through their grass-thatched roofs linger in their minds and every time they visit their villages, childhood memories abound.

The sight of lovely nature around the village always brings that refreshing experience, which many people seek at various resorts.

No matter how some people travel to various classy resorts on numerous occasions, they will still visit the village for that fulfilment that no other place offers.

But there is one place in Harare that has managed to marry tourist resort and village experience.

The place is called Mabvazuva Village and it is situated in Msasa. Formerly known as the caravan park, Mabvazuva Village is now known for serving people that like the nature and set up of the village.

From the outward appearance, it looks like a real village, with its big grass-thatched huts dotted in a plain of nature.

The big rocks surrounding the area and big indigenous trees make a replica of the countryside. But the interior of the huts tell a different story. They are expertly designed for comfortable dwelling. With comfortable big beds and big television sets as well as demarcated sections of home service, the inside makes an upmarket set-up.

The outside is a rural set-up while the inside has notable urban ambiance, which provides a unique marriage of the two lifestyles.

Anyone who loves a village environs and comfortable dwelling at the same time will find an answer at Mabvazuva Village.

While at the centre of the village there are huts that replicate a rural cluster, there are other huts that were made to ensure privacy.

These are huts that are hidden behind big rocks and cannot be seen from a distance. Most people favour these structures for their privacy. They are in the executive class of the accommodation facilities at the village.

The huts meant for family dwelling are partitioned into at least two bedrooms with a common kitchen and lounge area.

At the centre of the village is a bar that usually brings together residents of the area for evening chatting.

It is like a men’s gathering place or ‘dare’ in ancient rural settings. Men usually leave their spouses and families doing their evening cooking in the huts to go for chatting at the bar.

At night, the place is usually quiet and lights from the huts dotted in the plain of nature make a perfect view from afar.

At dawn, singing birds in the indigenous trees welcome the morning in various uncoordinated, but fascinating, songs.

Because of its setup, with a small hill in the east, the village will be under a morning shadow as the sun rises. Many rural villages that are close to mountains experience this morning shade that only gives way to the sun as the morning progresses.

However, the hill at Mabvazuva is small and the sun rays hit the village about 30 minutes after sunrise.

It is a place that has been set for those that miss a rural retreat and those that just want to refresh in the middle of nature. It is a village in the east of the capital and its leisure has been made with wisdom from the east.

To complete the hospitality package, Mabvazuva Village also has a conference centre that has attracted delegates that love nature.

Currently, Mabvazuva Village is being expanded to offer more services that will make memorable holiday experience.

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