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Madam Boss to Launch a Beauty Line

By Vongai Mbara
Comedienne Tyra Chikocho, popularly known as Madam Boss, will be releasing a brand of beauty products called Madam Boss Xtreme ReD this month.

Chikocho said the line will have a variety of beauty products at affordable prices.

“My beauty line of products will vary from lipstick, perfumes, mascara, lip gloss, facial cream.

We expect ReD products to start selling mid-November and we plan to launch the first weekend of December.

“Prices will be reasonable while offering the highest quality of products.

“We are working with various distributors but those wishing to grab the first batch should contact me,” she said.

Chikocho said this shift to makeup and beauty is meant to expand her growing brand which she established a few years ago.

“God’s time is and will always be the best timing in life. These products will be rolling in at a time when Madam Boss network keeps growing and touching people’s hearts through laughter,” she said.

Chikocho added that her next move will be to add a clothing and handbag line to her name.

“With my team we also going to be working on Madam Boss Handbags and a line of clothing.

“These moves are being driven by the fact that it is high time we start believing in our own and celebrate our own.

“We have great support in product media graphics from a reputable company in Canada.”

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The Herald

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