Many are called, but few are chosen: Valerie Mandeya

Many are called, but few are chosen. This line from historical passages lends itself true and translates into the business arena, where many pursue business exploits but few rise and thrive in their industry.

Not so in the case of a young Eugene Peters, Group CEO of Spidexmedia, whose humble beginnings date back to his teenage years in one of Zimbabwe’s high density suburbs.

His journey and story read like that of most great, self-made entrepreneurs who persevered through challenges because of hard work, sweat and sheer grit.

This resilience and opportunity opened doors for him, which he eagerly walked through as he pursued his vision of establishing a world-class creative agency that would upset the industry and unnerve the goliathan advertising agencies who controlled most of Zimbabwe’s large brands.

One such window of opportunity is his recent recognition as one of Africa’s best and brightest on the FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 list, 2018. The FORBES AFRICA Under 30 list is an authentic and definitive list of Africa’s most promising young change-makers, currently in its fourth year running.

The list recognises young African leaders in three industries; business, technology and creative.

This year, the selection committee saw over 600 submissions from all across the continent in response to the call for entries and only a small percentage were chosen to represent the Motherland in this edition.

Eugene Peters considers this the beginning of a new chapter in his life and continues to give credit to his team, clients and business partners, but most importantly, Glory to God.

His sentiments on being asked what his key to success was, is the belief that “one eats what they kill and you have to stay hungry and passionate about your pursuits”,

that and the realisation that the greatest amongst us rise on the shoulders of Giants.

He holds over 16 Awards in business and was recently conferred with the Global Leadership Medal of Honour in Business from the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

A set of original and heartfelt words from an under 30 who has established agencies in three African countries, namely, Zimbabwe, Zambia and recently, South Africa, feats achieved in a period of just seven years.

We took the opportunity to ask him a few questions and pick the brains of a Rising Star in Africa.

Q: What does the Forbes Africa Recognition mean to you both personally and as the Group Chief Executive of Spidexmedia?

EP: The beginning of greatness. I’ve received dozens of accolades and awards over the years but none have humbled me quite the same as being named a Forbes Africa 30 under 30 Alumni. So many opportunities have already started coming through for me in a personal capacity as well as for the business. The recognition itself means that Spidexmedia and I have been endorsed and our efforts acknowledged, further fuel and motivation towards us achieving our organisation’s Vision.

Q: Can you tell us about your background growing up that made you decide you wanted to be an innovator and leader? What advice do you have for young people who are looking on and aspiring to follow your footsteps?

EP: I grew up in Highfield, the eldest child to a single mother with two other siblings. A lot of responsibility fell on my shoulders, most of it assumed without being imposed. I was also a very curious, business-minded young guy who came up with a small tech business model while working at an internet café in my teens. My circumstances and business mind were my key ingredients to the story that is now global.

                To young people out there, I would say, discover what makes you heat up with passion and pursue that without letting your circumstances limit you. If one door is closed in your face (which happened to me a few times), break it down or find another. A “no” or “not right now” are never the end of your story.

Q: What is in the pipeline with respect to new innovations this year or going forward for your company?

EP: Two words. REIGN and GROWTH. 2018 is a year where we’ve set out to accomplish great things and further solidify our market dominance, predominantly in Zimbabwe as we continue to expand our other regional operations. We are already well on our way as we’ve digitised operations, pushing digital solutions to our brands and acquired new clients, giants in their industries and received awards such as the FORBES AFRICA listing.

                We encourage our team to chase excellence and growth as individuals and for the business because we believe you are only as strong as the team supporting you, so their successes are ours and I know that I have a great team pushing the Brand and Business.

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