Marshal Chiza’s big dream

FROM the outside, he is an ordinary young man, but once you begin speaking with him, his drive, passion and ambition cannot escape notice.


The wisdom that oozes out of this author and motivational speaker defies his age.

At 20, Marshal Chiza has allowed his faith to let him scale dizzy heights that many can only dream of, but not dare attempt to climb.

Having written and published three books — Success In No time, Poor Billionaire, Before I Become a Billionaire — and another co-authored with six others from different countries in Africa called Destiny Sagacity, one can only see that Chiza is a dreamer.

But he does not tire in chasing after his dreams, one of which is to become a billionaire in his lifetime.
He wrote his first book at 16 and his works have been showcased on global television stations, including CNN and CCTV.

Speaking to NewsDay Weekender Life & Style recently, Chiza said he has not allowed any obstacles to stand in his way. He is just that hungry for success that has proved illusive to many others – especially of his generation.

While other young people would rather spend time loitering around or sitting at street corners while sharing cheap alcohol and cigarettes in a country where jobs are hard to come by, Chiza has opted for a different path.
He has not let all these things stand in his way of becoming a billionaire.

“Slowly, I am approaching this goal of becoming a billionaire through the business journey I have just embarked on,” he said confidently.

Chiza was recognised as one of the youngest authors in the history of Zimbabwe at the age of 18, and since then he has not stopped.

He has done a number of start-up businesses which he believes will bring him the fortune he is pursuing.
“Now, I am the chief executive officer of Billionaire Publishers, Founder of Poor Billionaire Foundation and a motivational speaker,” he said.

To add on the catalogue of plans to ensure his takeover to success, the young motivational speaker is planning to hit the small screens with his array of motivational clips.

“As it is, I am working on short motivational clips which will be launched on different TV channels,” he said, but quickly pointed out that it was still too early to mention the television stations.

Taremeredzwa Kwangwari, an author and dancehall chanter who has rubbed shoulders with Chiza, said of the young dreamer: “If there is anything you cannot take away from Chiza, it is walking the talk. There is already evidence of things not seen, and I see nothing coming against his vision. Just watch the space.”

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