Martin launches album, Madlela thrills, Magwaza shuts it down

Martin Sibanda

Martin Sibanda

Bongani Ndlovu/Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporters
THE much awaited second launch of Martin and Ndolwane Supers Sounds’ album Konke Sizokulungisa at the Bulawayo Amphitheatre saw a sizeable crowd watching the South African based artiste in action.

An estimated 400 fans attended the launch but the crowd could have been bigger had the organisers marketed the event.

With a line up of performers such as Clement Magwaza, Madlela Skhobokhobo and Zinja Ziyamluma who are among the best musicians in their respective genres, the launch was supposed to attract more people.

For the past couple of months the catch phrase in Bulawayo has been Ngiyakunanka Jo, from the runaway hit Ngamnanka uSaMamo and the person behind the hit was the first to get onto stage.

Fronting a 10- member band, Madlela Skhobokhobo was met with wild cheers when came onto the stage. He opened his account with his new song Bheyapeya that was well received well by the fans.

The distinct sound made by the lead guitar, marking the beginning of the hit Ngamnanka uSaMamo ejected fans from their seats. The fast paced beat induced the Kokotsha dance which is the fast forward version of the Borrowdale on the dance floor.

On stage Madlela was directing proceedings carrying his trade mark axe, with many fans wanting to touch it. The only blemish during his act was a power outage from the sound system which disrupted him three times.

At the stroke of midnight Martin and Ndolwane Super Sounds entered the stage and like other artistes he was met with wild cheers and applause.

His performance was in two parts.

Before fully sampling his latest album Martin took fans down memory lane during the time he was still with Charles Ndebele, with the song We Ndoda. He followed it up with Baba yini and closed off with snippet from his latest album with the song Milando.

In the crowd fans were saying they wanted him to sing his own songs and after an hour of performing he took a break and Clement Magwaza tookover.

The man behind Kokotsha makokotsha upped the ante with stunning choreographed dance routines. It is no child’s play when one is dancing to Magwaza’s beat, as one has to have the energy of a teenager to do the Kokotsha dance which is punctuated by a fast beat.

Being a former dancer of Ndolwane Super Sounds who turned into a musician, Magwaza proved he is a good entertainer.  Magwaza performed for an hour.

Martin was back for the second act and he belted the title track Konke Sizokulungisa which was a crowd favourite.

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