Matare shines in theatre, film

Boniface Chimedza Arts Correspondent
Award-winning film and television artist and renowned guru in theatrical production performances, Charles Matare has carved a permanent niche in the local film and television industry, boasting of several accolades in different artistic genres.

Matare won the 2013 National Arts Merits Awards (Nama) for the best actor for his role in the play “Wusiku”, written by a New Zealand based Zimbabwean playwright Stanley Makuwe.

A 1997 National Theatre Organisation graduate, Matare is a 2007 Nama nominee for his riveting performance in Stephen Chipfunyise’s play “Intimate Affairs”, a Rooftop Promotion production.

One of Zimbabwe’s top actors for theatre, radio, television and film, the artist also won the Best Director Award in the 24-Hour Theatre Challenge Competition at the Harare International Festival of the Arts (Hifa) in 2012.

A decorated and dedicated multidisciplinary artist, Matare was part of the cast for the Nama Award winning play “Liberation”, that was performed at Hifa in 2017 as well as at the 2018 National Arts Festival, in Grahamstown South Africa.

Amongst his list of productions is a 1998 International Film, “High Explosive” and “Tariro”, a 2010 Nanzikambe production which was shot and produced in Malawi.

Matare was also part of the cast for “Tanyaradzwa”, a local full-length film.

The veteran artist also starred in Rooftop Promotions Productions “Heal the Wounds” and “Ganyau Express”, including a classic performance of Shimmer Chinodya’s “Harvest of Thorns”.

In addition to featuring in “Fesbhuku”, a Savannah Trust Production, Matare also starred in several radio dramas that include “Mupani Junction”, “Ndakambokuyambira” and “Liberation”.

Matare, who is a direct beneficiary of the National Youth Fund administered by the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) under the auspices of the then Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment, registered a subsidiary company in 2017, Matchmo Investments, trading as Matchmo Media, which focuses on the electronic media business.

“Matchmo is manned by a highly qualified and experienced personnel. We are involved in the production of screen, digital and lithographic printing products. Matchmo Media’s strength is in producing adverts, documentaries, sitcoms, dramas and films. Our vision is to be one of the best corporate enterprises in the printing and advertising industry in Africa,” said Matare.

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