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Mbeu Accused of Stealing Songs

Just a few weeks after releasing his debut album which seems to be doing well, Ashton Nyahora aka Mbeu has been accused by his former band Tsvete of stealing two of their songs.

Mbeu has been receiving rave review and vast airplay after the release of his first studio album “Hatizvimirire”.

In an interview with The Herald Insight, Tsvete band member Admire Maponde said the artist stole and recorded Njila and Egipita.

“I was surprised to hear our songs on Mbeu’s new album. It would had been better if he had had a part in their writing and composition but he did not contribute even a word on them,” said Maponde.

Maponde said their contract with Mbeu does not allow him to perform songs creating during his days with the group after his departure.

“When he was part of our band, Mbeu signed a contract which does not allow him to either record or perform music made under Tsvete yet he continues to do so.

Mbeu’s first professional music encounter was with the aforementioned group in 2012. Together they performed at various big stages including HIFA, Tuku’s “Masanga Bodo” live DVD recording and Musica Festival at which they shared stage with Jamaican dancehall star Konshens.

In 2014, they also recorded their debut album “Vavhimi” together before the relationship between Mbeu and other two Tsvete frontmen Kondwani Thete and Maponde deteriorated.

Mbeu was eventually fired. The artist went on to perform as a solo act releasing a singles collection which features hits such as “Mavanga”.

Mbeu’s manager Eugene Museredza referred to the matter as trivia.

“They are free to institute legal remedies, we have no time for such petty issues.

“But remember Mbeu was fired from the group that they (Mbeu and Tsvete), owned for various reasons and chose not to protest but rather accepted what his friends wanted, and moved out from the group.

Mbeu is shooting a video to be released next week, while he recently launched his website www.mhodzitribe.co.zw for easy of marketing his brand.

His strides towards availing his music online has seen him selling on Oyos Music

Tsvete, however, seems to have taken a backseat in music since the departure of Mbeu who was lead most of their songs close to four years ago.

Though releasing a few songs, the band lost the momentum and have not been staging any visible shows.

Source :

The Herald

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