MDC-Alliance playing spoiler

The campaign for harmonised elections due in a fortnight has reached fever pitch and the tones and undertones are all clearly pointing to a Zanu-PF victory. Out of the 23 Presidential candidates, MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa, is crying loudest as his premonition of defeat looms larger.

Having failed to offer anything tangible to the electorate, many of whom can not distinguish him from the surfeit of comedians offering comic relief through social media skits, the gaffe-prone Chamisa has turned his attention to trying to damage the credibility of ZEC, all in a bid to create self-fulfilling prophecies to explain sure defeat when the votes come in.

In past elections, the MDC – in its various guises – got the outside world to believe Zanu-PF was a thoroughly evil political party, but the new political dispensation led by President Mnangagwa has made it possible for all and sundry to see that elections can be held in Zimbabwe within the legal framework, without violence and indeed with all human freedoms guaranteed.

International observers are here to witness for themselves and they are indeed observing.
Add to that a resurgent Zanu-PF that has rolled out a glittering campaign that makes the MDC Alliance material and policy penury all the more evident, and you get a Chamisa looking and sounding every bit his greenhorn age.

Chamisa and his political outfit have many lawyers in their party, who, unfortunately, have sought to disregard the law by trying to make ZEC do unlawful things, as long as they please his outfit.

The timbre of it being that they are either dull lawyers or they choose to ignore or Chamisa does not listen to them. Otherwise it defies logic how the Alliance disregards the rule of law.

One wonders who advises Chamisa!
Chamisa has been seeking to abuse ZEC’s goodwill. Chamisa has been seeking to abuse his newly found freedom by demonstrating as and when he sees it fit.

The funny part of it all is Chamisa appears to forget he is but one of 23 Presidential aspirants, the election can go on with or without his troubled party.

In the final analysis, the MDc-Alliance has spoiled itself by uncharacteristically calling for ZEC to break the law, they have spoiled their body images by using vulgar on ZEC executives and they seek to spoil the entire electoral process.
MDC-Alliance has become the spoiler that no one else has been.

Source :

The Herald

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