Mdca’s Dirty Linen Exposed

The MDC Alliance leadership wishes to get into Government through the back door and progressive Zimbabweans should refuse to be used by politicians pushing selfish agendas, political analysts said yesterday.

The analysts said demonstrations being called for by the MDC Alliance tomorrow had nothing to do with bread and butter issues but were an attempt to push President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF into sharing power.

MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa has since conceded that he hopes to gatecrash into Government, telling international media this week that the protest would call for a “transitional authority” to “move the country forward”.

Government has already stated that the MDC Alliance leadership will be held liable for any loss of life and limb or damage to property that may happen during the demonstrations.

Political analyst Mr Tafadzwa Mugwadi said the protests were misplaced as everyone was focused on economic development.

In any case, he said, Mr Chamisa’s call should find no takers after he branded demonstrators who took part in the August 1 protests that left six people dead and property damaged, “stupid”.

“The cardinal question for those being mobilised to participate in the illegal demonstration by the MDC Alliance is whether they are stupid or not,” he said.

“This is because, thanks to the Motlanthe Commission, we now know that Chamisa and his leadership will sweet tongue unsuspecting MDC supporters to demonstrate and when the legal tides turn against them, they face the imminent risk of being ditched, disowned, being called stupid and criminals again. In any case, the planned demonstration is being used to push the selfish agenda of Chamisa and Tendai Biti who, by all pronouncements, have shown their appetite and desperation for a marriage with Zanu-PF in a Government of National Unity arrangement.”

Mr Mugwadi said the right to govern was settled when President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF won the July 30 elections.

“Chamisa now thinks he can gatecrash into Government through stepping on people’s lives which is regrettable as much as it is uncalled for,” he said.

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“All Zimbabweans are focusing on economic revival in the Second Republic and everyone is having their hands on the deck to play their role towards realising Vision 2030. Such a vision cannot be achieved through demonstrations, protests and lawlessness but by sweating and working.”

He added: “The sooner Chamisa knows that politics has seasons, the better for him and his supporters. This is an economics season and politics have been relegated to the back seat.”

Another political analyst, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa, said the MDC Alliance was attempting to repeat what they failed to do in 2002 during the so-called final push.

“Then, they had lost the Presidential election just like now,” he said.

“Chamisa in particular, is nostalgic of the GNU but I do not see enlightened Zimbabweans willing to be used as political pawns in a game only meant to satisfy the unbridled ambition. The rains have come and Zimbabweans, both in the urban and rural areas, would rather do agriculture than waste energy on futile demonstrations that can invite unbearable consequences should they turn violent and destructive. Zimbabweans want economic revival and opportunities for empowerment, not chaos caused desperate politicians.”

“Issues and matters that are said to be the major reasons for the demonstration are common cause to all Zimbabweans to which the State and Government through sterling efforts endeavours to address the success of which is only achievable through effective engagement and cooperation amongst all stakeholders,” he said.

“One wonders why the demonstrations and protests are suggested and persisted with. It can only be for sinister and retrogressive endeavours meant to achieve the usual agendas to provoke the State through an undesirable showdown with State security agents in defiance to instil ungovernable state of affairs aimed at coercing the governing authorities into an unlikely and less achievable submission to a unity government. Any threats of violent protests are discouraged and if violence is perpetrated, the State must be on high alert to submit perpetrators to law and order.”

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