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Meet Martha Mamombe, Zi-FM finest news anchor

She oozes confidence. Her unmistakable voice is sweet to the ear, at the same time commanding. She has a unique way of making listeners stay glued to the radio, as she reads the news.

Meet Martha Mamombe (pictured),  ZiFM’s  news anchor. Martha is one of the new voices that were given a platform to showcase their talent thanks to the licensing of new radio stations.

When she started news anchoring last year, she was a novice coming straight from University of Namibia where she studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media.

“I was new  and nervous. The first days were the most difficult because people did not really know me. I was trying to prove myself and to show the world that I was capable,” said the soft spoken Martha.

Martha said during  her formative years, she would rehearse several times before going on air.

“Now that I am getting confident I just run through the script once,” she said.

She said she started reading weekend bulletins until she was allocated slots during weeks days.

The newsreader said she is inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Tamrom Hall.

“These are black people who have shown that, indeed, it can be done. I wish one day I will be able to reach the heights they have scaled,” she said.

The news reader had a nomadic childhood as she enrolled to four schools for her primary education.

She also enrolled at Chinese Shangyu University, courtesy of a cultural exchange programme.

Born in 1990, Martha is single and hopes to work for an international media organisation.

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