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Minister says ‘addicted to Nigerian African movies’, watches till ‘wee hours of morning’

Harare – Zimbabwean Information Minister Chris Mushohwe has reportedly said that he is “addicted to Nigerian African movies [so much] that he at times sleeps in the wee hours of the morning after watching them”.

According to New Zimbabwe, Mushohwe claimed he usually slept at about 02:00, as he was captivated by the Nollywood movies.

Mushowe said this while speaking to Zimbabwean content producers at an indaba in Gwanda on the country’s digital migration.

“We need content which has cultural value to us which makes you identifiable. You know, I watch Nigerian films because they have something which makes you identify with our culture. I am very addicted to Nigerian films…,” Mushowe was quoted as saying.

He urged local film makers to emulate their Nigerian counterparts, adding that he believed that the film industry in the southern African country could create at least 3.8 million jobs.

At least 12 new television channels were planned as the country moved into digital.

Six of the new television channels were reportedly going to be state-owned, while the remaining six would be given to private investors.

Meanwhile, social media ridiculed the information minister, with some users expressing their disbelief over his claim of creating 3.8 million jobs.

See the tweets below.

In an interview with News24, the Women Film Makers of Zimbabwe (WFOZ) also criticised Mushohwe, saying he should be “backing the local film makers in order for them to be able to ’emulate’  Nollywood film makers”.

WFOZ’s administrative assistant Angelina Madyara said without government’s support, the local film makers were not going to be able to live up to the minister’s expectations.

“In order for us to emulate Nollywood, we need proper support from the government. We cannot produce quality content without proper government support,” said Madyara.

She said that before the Nigerian film industry became a multi-billion industry, it was also struggling, until the west African country’s government intervened.

“Nigerian film makers have their government’s proper support. When the government realised what was happening it gave them resources. But here in this country we don’t know where the money is going,” said Madyara.

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