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Minister urges youths to value culture

Zimbabweans, particularly the youth, should not forget traditions and cultural values that define them by adopting foreign cultures that are coming through globalisation, Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Owen Ncube has warned.

Addressing multitudes of people who thronged Zhombe Business Centre during the provincial culture day celebrations recently, Minister Ncube said Government together with relevant stakeholders had lined up programmes towards the promotional of cultural practices, as it seeks to improve understanding and occupation among people from different cultural communities.

“The Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and the National Arts Council of Zimbabwe together with the Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing supports the promotion of cultural exhibitions, he said. These are important tools that carry traditions and chronicles events and history and culture.

“Traditions and value systems are coming in from all parts of the world. It seems we have adopted several world cultures and seem to have forgotten many of our traditions and cultural values.”

Minister Ncube said culture was a tool for building communities and was ideal as it strengthens the spirit of unity and oneness among people.

He urged youths to take up arts and appreciate the employment generation capacity of the arts and culture industry.

Minister Ncube said the culture week promotes co-existence and inter-cultural dialogue with special focus on the diversity of culture in the country.

“This event has shown us that different communities can organise and support diversity and empowerment of marginalised groups such as women, children and the disabled,” he said.

Provincial arts and cultural heritage officer Mr Reward Shokson said traditional leaders have a key role in protecting and preservation of the countries values and traditions.

He said the ministry was working on erection of culture centres in every district in the province.

“We are working on constructing culture centres in each of our eight districts in the province so that youths can still visit and acquaint themselves with our traditions and values,” he said.

About 5 000 people from all corners of the province gathered for the commemorations where different cultural performances and food where showcased. The commemorations, introduced in 2002 in the country, are part of the World Cultural and Africa Day that is commemorated every year.

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