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MoB007 Loyalty Card: Part I - Zimbabwe Today
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MoB007 Loyalty Card: Part I

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plastic cash

Morris Mpala, MoB Capital Ltd
AS we Explore, Dream, Discover Financial Freedom, MoB Capital becomes the first microfinance institution in the world to offer a practical loyalty programme.

Never in the history of lending has a lending institution offered a revolutionary and a financial freedom card. And a first financial institution in Zimbabwe to offer such a comprehensive loyalty product. It’s not just a card it’s loyalty for loyalty like never before in the lending sector.

MoB007 Card
It’s both a debit card and a loyalty card.

MoB007 Card opens all doors just like Bond, James Bond. It’s your gateway to financial freedom in Zimbabwe. It opens all doors of opportunities as inspired by the story of the British double agent, 007. At MoB Capital we have nicknamed the MoB007 card “The Black Card” due to the fact that it’s black in colour and black has mystery and solidness to it. Black is our soul and resembles a survival mode, is universal in appeal and easy to comprehend. Above all black is easy on the eye.

Where in the world do you find a company that lends you money and gives you benefits? Even the companies that you give your savings to don’t offer you such benefits. Just produce it and you are ready to go and discover a whole new world. With this card your life becomes easier, simpler and richer due to various savings you make when you EXPLORE. It’s a first to your DREAM savings culture. Once you DISCOVER your savings please put the money to good use to aide your FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

Disbursements and Payment system
The Black card will be used as payment system. All our payments will be done through this card to all our creditors and debtors. All our loans will be preloaded to the Black Card. Strictly no cash disbursements as we strive to be paperless and protect our environment.

Benefits of MoB007 Card

– As a debit card that runs under ZB Bank you can preload your card with funds and use it across all POS terminals in Zimbabwe.
– It can be used on all ZimSwitch ATMs across the country.
– It’s a secure way of carrying money and transacting.
– It’s a payment solution for CIMAS, buy Zesa power units and other generic operations
– Your line becomes your account as well and you do not need a smart phone as you transact across all networks.
– With this famous and popular card you enjoy numerous discounts on most service providers within Africa. (see website and facebook page for service providers)
– Any holder of the card is entitled to excellent services from over 100 companies in Zimbabwe. It has companies offering discounts, quality service and credit in your communities.
– Card holders are entitled to free advisory services that include debt counseling and debt management both personal and their companies.
– Financial inclusion par excellence for our youth loans and rural loans
– It opens doors to an elite members only club (MoB007 Club) that pool resources, offer free advisory services, networking, linkages and are committed to achieving financial freedom through unprecedented financial fellowshipping.

It offers a wide range of savings from your loan interest to medical purchases/services across Africa. All card holders when they refer at least five good clients they receive an incentive, token of appreciation or two percnt once off on their loan with MoB Capital.

Who is entitled to this world class Black Card?
All MoB Capital clients that have been loyal on all services offered by us and our agencies in the country. All service providers who offer numerous lifestyle solutions and are partners in our community to see a prosperous community are entitled to this esteemed card.

Lifestyle Company
MoB Capital is a lifestyle company as we bring savings to our customers and thus change their lives for the better. We are not only into loans, insurance and advisory to people but we are also an aspirations company that wants to see you becoming better than what you were yesterday. We aide your self-actualisation and with such tailor made products who would begrudge us calling ourselves a lifestyle company not just a microfinance company.

When we say we are a non-conventional lending institution now people understand.

We want our communities to have financial freedom and have it in abundance as we increase the financial well being of individuals within our communities.

Our commitment
“som i serem” we are and we will be is our total commitment to bringing innovative value added products and solutions as we embark on this journey of building future brands for our next generation to cherish.

Next week we list all the services providers that have signed onto the The Black Card.

Together let’s
Explore. Dream. Discover.
Financial Freedom


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