More Competitions for Swimming

WITH the swimming season making notable progress, more provinces are expected to go a step further and start staging their own competitions.

The availability of facilities, though, remains a challenge.

The season got underway in September, under strict Covid-19 guidelines and regulations, to keep athletes, and everyone involved, safe. Harare were the first to stage competitions before Bulawayo came on board.

Although there are still challenges with some areas such as Midlands still struggling to access facilities, there are some positive signs.

Masvingo are scheduled to host their provincial gala this month.

Mashonaland Country District have also indicated they are going to host an invitational meet this month. Zimbabwe swimming chairperson, Tracey Doorman, underlined the importance of having all provinces running their competitions.

“It’s incredibly important that all the provinces (have competitions), we are not just about Harare and Bulawayo, we are about swimming countrywide,” said Doorman.

“So, obviously, in the Bulawayo competitions, we have Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South, who are taking part in the competitions in Bulawayo.

“They don’t have their own galas because they are relatively new structures, so this is incredibly important that all provinces are active.

“Unfortunately, the challenges which face different provinces are different, not all the provinces face the same challenges or (have) the same resources.

“Masvingo, for example, usually only have their provincial championships, they just don’t have the personnel to run more than one gala.

“So, they have their championships usually at the end of November.

“They have been struggling to get training, similarly in the Midlands, they are struggling to get training in Midlands because of the schools, some of the schools are not allowing clubs to go in.” Mashonaland Country District, bringing together swimmers from some of the schools in Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central, are anticipating to host their invitational on November 27.

“I think everybody is trying their level best to work with the conditions, with facilities that are available to them and things like that.

“But, every province has got its own challenges. It’s not like we can forget the Covid-19 implications.

“Even Masvingo they have assured me that their provincial championships, at the end of November, are going to take place.

“I am pretty confident that the provincial championships, and the invitational Mashonaland Country District gala, are going to take place,” said Doorman.

For Harare the challenge has been on juniors competitions since the schools they usually engage are still to open their facilities.

However, events for seniors have been taking place at Les Brown.

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