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THE MDC-T has denied that it is facing oblivion saying the observations by a local think tank were not a correct reflection of the situation at the opposition party.

A recent report from the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) said the MDC-T should capitalise on the infighting within ZANU PF if it wants to remain relevant and survive oblivion.

“One would have expected the opposition to capitalize on the internecine fights in the ruling party to offer alternative ideas that galvanize citizens but internal fights have also weakened it,” the report said.

“Unless it resolves its internal differences now the opposition is unlikely to regain its strength to mount a serious challenge in the 2018 election.”

Titled “Priorities for civil society-donors engagement in Zimbabwe”, the report also urged the local civil society to drop the “regime change agenda” and refocus on human development.

Like the civil society, the MDC-T did not take kindly to the think tank’s observations and trough spokesperson Obert Gutu the party said the new leadership is focused and is poised to take the party to the next level.

He said: “The MDC-T remains arguably Zimbabwe’s most popular and largest political party. We are not facing oblivion. If anything, the sun is shining very brightly on the MDC-T, particularly after we recently held a very successful and democratic elective congress.

“We don’t want to brag but I cannot resist the temptation to reiterate that the MDC-T is the real deal, the only game in town.”

On how he would rate the two year old ZDI, Gutu said it is the think tank’s democratic right to air their views.

“I don’t want to give any comment about how I rate the think tank suffice to state that all Zimbabweans are encouraged to be democratic and to express their opinions freely but fairly,” said Gutu.

ZDI director, Dr. Pedzisai Ruhanya, said the opposition should address substantive issues from a well-informed position.

“The social base (workers) that defined the MDC at its formation has been decimated; the youths have rebelled and to some extent shifted loyalty and the ordinary men and women and the poor have lost belief,” said Dr. Ruhanya.

He added: “The conditions and issues that defined opposition politics at the turn of the 21st century have fundamentally changed. But tragically there has not been a concomitant shift in strategy by the opposition to recapture lost political territory.”

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