Morgan Tsvangirai, Your approach to life our concern

Whether it is a case of ignorance or playing dump, at least the person we have in Morgan Tsvangirai should be tolerant to public inquiry on his life.

How and why Morgan Tsvangirai is so perplexed with the media and the public prying into his private life simply reflects political immaturity of  the ex Prime Minister. Simple politics entails that every individual above the age of 16 is an eligible voter; hence, they ought to make an informed decision which comes with the digging up of such crucial information.

The distraught MDC T leader should then walk his talk and practise the democracy he preaches. Information is a cornerstone in a progressive democracy, without which one cannot participate meaningfully in politics.

It is a pity that a politician of his standing is being out witted by a musician. Alick Macheso was in a better position to understand his situation and handled his fans well such that they sympathised with the musician during his child maintenance legal battle with Tafadzwa. 

Macheso’s case, although sensationalized by the media, was modestly handled, a cue Tsvangirai could not hid but rather strayed with his usual tact of verbal diarrhoea reputable of bringing out the barrenness in his intellectual capacity as a leader. 

The former Prime Minister, who has had enough confusion to deal with, can share the disorientation with his cronies. However, the blame shifts to his lieutenants who simply cannot guard against the threat of embarrassment that has assassinated the character of their dull and uncharismatic leader.

Mr Tsvangirai, there is nothing new in this world that is happening to you. It is simply an issue of disorganisation coupled by the nonsensical opposition which is not home grown and is pregnant of misdirected emphasis. Opposition politics should make sense so that it catalyses actions of the ruling party than toy around with people’s welfare.

In the case of MDC T, which I personally think is all about having ZANU PF out of the office just because it has been there for so long, invites attention on the person, Morgan Tsvangirai. People will be left with no option than ask “mwana waaniko uyu?” which is followed by the unearthing of traits which suit and justify your actions.

by Caitlin Kamba

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