Moyo Says Mnangagwa So Corrupt He Is Zimbabwe’s Richest Man

President Emmerson Mnangagwa is the richest man in Zimbabwe and he, together with the army staged a coup to protect their ill-gotten wealth, says Jonathan Moyo.

The former higher education minister said this during an interview aired by the SABC on Wednesday night.

When asked if he was corrupt Moyo said, “No! This is laughable. Seriously laughable! This is an accusation coming from the most corrupt politicians and public officials in the history of our country. They cannot account for the assets they have.”

“The richest individual in the Republic of Zimbabwe is Emmerson Mnangagwa. The one person who was responsible for setting up Zanu PF companies when he was secretary of finance for Zanu is Emmerson Mnangagwa. There is not even a cent coming from those companies including a bank; including investments in countries like Namibia and South Africa,” added Moyo.

The former minister also accused Mnangagwa of “leading plunder” in foreign countries together with vice president Constantino Chiwenga and foreign affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo especially in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“These people have staged a coup not just to grab power for the sake of grabbing power but in order to cover up for their corruption,” said Moyo.

 He also said Mnangagwa “brought the Chinese to plunder diamonds and resources of Zimbabwe” to the extent that “some $12 to $15b billion” remains unaccounted for as it went into “the pockets of individuals”.

According to Moyo, Command Agriculture, a programme initiated and led by Mnangagwa when he was VP is “nothing but a looting scheme”.

On the allegations that he looted funds from the Zimdef, Moyo said not a cent was converted into his own use claiming that the money went into approved Zanu PF programs and into the development of Tsholotsho which he said is one of the least developed districts in the country.

Asked if he didn’t use the money to oil his own patronage network, Moyo said he “was a minister with discretion on how to use those funds”.

Moyo’s claims about Mnangagwa being the richest Zimbabwean come soon after reports recently said telecommunications magnet Strive Masiyiwa was the country’s first billionaire.

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