Mozambique: Zimbabweans Refused Entry for Breaking Quarantine

Maputo — The Mozambican authorities on Wednesday prevented 10 Zimbabweans from entering the country at the Machipanda border post, because they had violated the quarantine rules put in place to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the previous ten days, the group had been in South Africa, in regions with confirmed cases of Covid-19. That meant they should have spent 14 days in quarantine before entering Mozambique.

“Because they did not comply with the quarantine time, they were returned to Zimbabwe”, said Jorge Machava, the spokesperson for the immigration services in Manica province, cited by the independent television station STV.

Entry was denied after the Zimbabweans had gone through the new coronavirus screening process, which includes checking the migration movement of foreigners over the past 14 days, as well as taking their temperature, at a health post in a tent near the border.

“They have been returned to comply with the 14 days and only then can they enter Mozambique,” Machava added. The migration authorities, he continued, have stepped up their migration control measures after the second case of coronavirus in Zimbabwe was reported.

Meanwhile, in the northern province of Nampula, 17 of the 42 travellers from countries affected by Covid-19, who had been placed in quarantine, have now returned to their normal lives, after the 14 days of isolation had passed, without any of them showing symptoms of the disease, according to America Barata, head of the Nampula public health department.Close

But Barata accused other, unnamed institutions of hindering the work of the health authorities in checking ships and their crews. Small ships had docked at the Nampula ports of Larde and Angoche, and health inspectors found it difficult to work inside the vessels or find out where the crew members had come from.

The pandemic has forced the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to cancel events, and to hold a meeting of its Council of Ministers by video-conference, The meeting should have taken place in a conference centre in Dar es Salaam, but instead video linkups were arranged between 13 capitals of SADC member states – the first time SADC had attempted anything of the sort.

In his opening statement, the Tanzanian Foreign Minister,Palamagamba Kabudi, called on all member states to take preventive measures. “We are at a crucial stage and we must dedicate all our efforts to combat and eliminate the coronavirus”, he said.

Four of Mozambique’s six neighbours have now reported Covid-19 cases – 116 in South Africa, two in Zimbabwe, one in Eswatini and one in Tanzania. No cases have yet been detected in Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique itself.

Addressing the meeting from Maputo, Mozambican Foreign Minister Veronica Macamo said “The main measure remains prevention. People should continue to regard preventive measures as the bet path forward, because if we don’t take preventive measures, the virus will come in”.

Meeting on 9 March, the SADC Health Ministers recommended the temporary suspension of meetings and the use of video-conferences instead.Tagged:

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